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10848Making Tech Support Reports

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  • Aranel
    Jun 2, 2011
      Hey all,

      When you report errors about site function (such as problems with nominations or reviews), could you please list which stories are involved (title and ID)? I can't really do much if I don't know which story records to look at. It also helps if you give a rundown of what you were doing when the problem occurred ("I selected the author, entered the title and URL, and hit submit. Then the page showed an error.") If you get an error message, please try to copy the message it into your email.

      If you are reporting a problem with how the site is displaying (text boxes are out of place, text is cut off, etc.), please let me know which browser you use, along with version number (IE9, Firefox 3.5, etc.)

      You can NEVER give too much information in a tech support report!

      Also, make sure to send all problems and tech support requests to tech@....

      MEFA Tech Support