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10842new wedsite domain + email addresses

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  • Marta Layton
    May 11, 2011
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      Hey guys,

      The MEFA website will have a new address for the 2011 awards. You will be
      able to find our website at


      Right now you can find the archives there, which list all previous
      nominations and the reviews and results for previous years. It's a great
      resource to find stories to read that you may have missed, and also will
      help you know whether a piece is eligible to compete in the 2011 awards. In
      a few weeks you will be able to find the full address you use to nominate
      and vote at that same address.

      Because of the changed web address, we also have new email addresses the old
      mefawards.net addresses will no longer work.

      1. Have a general question about the awards? Then you want to contact me,
      the awards administrator. I can be reached at


      2. Have a technical problem? If you're simply not sure how to use the site
      you can email me, but if you're getting an actual error message you probably
      want to talk with our webmasters.


      I think those were the only @... email addresses we used, but if
      you need to get in touch with someone else who used an @...
      address, just email me privately. I'll help you sort it out. :-)

      Elenn sila lumen omentielvo,