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10822[ADMIN] reminder - post-mortem suggestions + donations

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  • Marta
    Jan 15, 2011
      Hey guys,

      Two quick reminders:

      1. Every year the MEFA volunteers discuss things we might want to change for
      the next years' awards. We call this the post mortem, and invite all members
      to make suggestions for changes (though the discussion itself is limited to
      the volunteers affected).

      I had previously said that if you had suggestions for the post mortem you
      needed to make them by today (15-Jan-11) . But Monday is a bank holiday in
      the U.S. and many people may be away from their computers this weekend. So
      I'm going to change that deadline to TUESDAY NIGHT. After that point we
      really can't consider more suggestions, so if you have something you'd like
      us to discuss, please get it in ASAP.

      You can make suggestions by commenting at:



      2. Also, remember that we're taking donations to cover site costs. You can
      donate at any time, but this will be the last time I mention it until after
      the 2011 awards. If you want to donate you may use the button at:


      MEFA Admin.