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10772Offline in Lothlorien - greetings with minimal Web access.

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  • raksha022002
    Oct 3, 2010
      Thought I'd let all know that I'm alive, well, and wish I could be more active in the MEFAs at the moment.

      My computer, only three years old, met its end in Moria a few weeks ago; I think a certain wizard was using it as a shield against the Balrog, because the motherboard is well and truly fried.

      I've been researching new computers and plan to buy one within the next ten days or so. I've been checking my email at the library once or twice a week; but I don't have time to write MEFA Reviews (Wahhhhhhh!). Good thing I had written some before my computer met its end.

      I will hopefully be back online all the time, perhaps as Raksha-the-White (but probably not, I prefer Grey), in two weeks or (hopefully, please the Valar!) less.

      Must go; the hobbits and I are going to try to get Boromir to join us in blowing bubbles in Galadriel's Mirror; turns out the Man of Gondor is allergic to mallorns and is feeling poorly.