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10605Re: looking for a volunteer

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  • dwimmer_laik
    Jul 6 5:43 PM
      Just to say - before the "reply to reviewer" link was programmed into the site, I would just go through the MEFA Yahoo Group member database and use it to get in touch with anyone whose e-mail address I didn't already have. It's not that much more time intensive (I found, anyway), and with probably three exceptions, I was able to find every reviewer who had written something for my stories, even if I had to branch out and look at FFN or some other archive site to find a means of contacting him or her.

      So if you want to e-mail your reviewers and still have total privacy, it's completely doable.


      --- In MEFAwards@yahoogroups.com, "erynlasgalen1949" <erynlasgalen1949@...> wrote:
      > You mean a third party will be reading our emails? I had no idea. I would almost rather risk having to see a flame than lose the expectation of privacy.
      > This is usually not an issue, but in the past some of my review replies have been to people I know personally. I'll bear in mind that someone else may be seeing what I wrote.
      > Idle question: what if the review reply is a flame? Does the reviewer then not get to see it?
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