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10603Re: [MEFAwards] Re: looking for a volunteer

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  • telperion1
    Jul 6, 2010
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      Hiya Eryn Lasgalen,

      > You mean a third party will be reading our emails? I had no idea. I
      > would almost rather risk having to see a flame than lose the expectation
      > of privacy.

      "Skim" is probably a better description than "read." The volunteer just
      needs to make sure that replies aren't flames of some kind, because
      they're going out under the "MEFA" name. (The email address they'll be
      coming from is mefareviews@....) To many people, this makes it
      seem like the reply is somehow from the MEFAs as an institution, or that
      we approve of what was said because we're passing it on. So a flamey
      review might not only create bad feelings between the reviewer and that
      particular author, but between the reviewer and the *MEFAs.* That's
      something we need to avoid.

      Believe me, we don't want it to be like big brother peeking over your
      shoulder! Our volunteers have better things to do anyway. We're just
      trying to strike the right balance between protecting the MEFA name (so
      most people have a positive association rather than a negative one with
      it) and giving authors and reviewers a service they have asked for. But
      if you feel we're erring too far toward one side or the other, we can
      always consider it in our post-mortem after the awards. If you ever see
      something you would like us to consider changing, you can suggest it at


      and the volunteers will consider it for 2011 once this year's awards are

      > Idle question: what if the review reply is a flame? Does the reviewer
      > then not get to see it?

      If we decide a review is a flame, we'll reply back to the author saying
      we haven't passed the reply on. So no, the reviewer doesn't get to see
      it. But the author *knows* the review wasn't passed on for some reason
      or another, so they can try to get in touch some other way if they like.

      (MEFA Admin.)
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