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10597Re: [MEFAwards] looking for a volunteer

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  • brandy bartoli
    Jul 5, 2010
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      What directions are we talking about Marta? I am usually on the net every night for a few hours unless I have to be at work at like dawn or something. Tell me more. I am interested.

      Brandy, Haldirsbaby

      Life without laughter is not worth living!     THE wise one.....ME

      --- On Mon, 7/5/10, telperion1 <marta.fandom@...> wrote:

      From: telperion1 <marta.fandom@...>
      Subject: [MEFAwards] looking for a volunteer
      To: MEFAwards@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Monday, July 5, 2010, 4:04 PM


      Hey guys,

      In a few weeks, reviews will start showing up on our website. This means

      that authors will be able to reply to their reviews. They essentially

      send an email to an email address, which a volunteer then reads over to

      make sure it's not a flame and passes on to the reviewer.

      I'm looking for that volunteer. The main requirement is availability.

      You'd need to check in every 2-3 days at least, from now through

      mid-December, though another volunteer could take over if you need a

      short break. You also need to be able to follow directions well. It is

      essentially "grunt" work, and the kind of thing that doesn't attract a

      lot of attention if it's done right. But it is a huge help to me for

      someone else to do that, and while it's not exactly high profile you

      *will* have my appreciation as well as an official "thank you" on the

      list of MEFA volunteers.

      If this seems like something you're interested in, drop me a line at

      mefasupport@... - either to say you want to do it, or to get more

      info on what is required.



      (MEFA Admin.)

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