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10457Hard-to-Reach Authors - Week 2

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  • telperion1
    Jun 1, 2010
      Hey guys,

      Here is this week's list of hard-to-reach authors:

      --- Crantz/Snacky CoAuthors (liaison: aranelgoldenflower,
      --- Elvenson (liaison: Marta, martaDOTfandomATgmailDOTcom)
      --- j_dav (JDE) (liaison: elliska, elliska67ATyahooDOTcom)
      --- Liadan (liaison: Cathleen, virginia_lee_redcatATyahooDOTcom)
      --- Llinos (liaison: elliska, elliska67ATyahooDOTcom)
      --- Mortizya (liaison: DlnevinsATearthlinkDOTnet)
      --- pippinfan88 (liaison: Dwimordene, dwimmer_laikATyahooDOTcom)
      --- Raniel42 (liaison: elliska, elliska67ATyahooDOTcom)
      --- rosethorn59 (liaison: elliska, elliska67ATyahooDOTcom)
      --- Tehta (liaison: Dwimordene, dwimmer_laikATyahooDOTcom)
      --- viv (liaison: Dreamflower, aelfwinaATgmailDOTcom)

      They have all been nominated at least a week and (according to my records at
      least!) have not given us any indication that they *know* they've been
      nominated. Now, there are several reasons for that. For instance, the author
      could be out of touch temporarily (it is the start of summer), or one
      volunteer may not have gotten the word to another volunteer yet. These
      authors haven't done anything wrong, and there's no need for alarm yet; we
      still have a bit of time.

      --- All nominations must be 100% completed by June 21. That includes fixing
      any mistakes found on the form, so it's good to try to finish the form a few
      days before that deadline.

      --- All nominated authors must give some indication they know they were
      nominated, within two weeks of being nominated. This can mean starting the
      form or emailing the liaison. If they don't, the nomination *may* be
      withdrawn, at our discretion. (You don't have to be done within two weeks,
      you just have to get started.)

      So even if you see your name above, there's still time to accept the
      nomination. But if you know any of these authors, you may want to drop them
      a line and make sure they know they've been nominated. Authors, if you see
      your name listed, please contact your liaison for help with your nomination,
      or mefasupportATgmailDOTcom for help logging in to our website. We'll help
      you get the ball rolling.


      Marta (MEFA Admin.)
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