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10371RE: [MEFAwards] Re: ADMIN - 2010 Calendar, + Call for Volunteers

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  • telperion1
    May 10, 2010
      Hiya Linda,

      That seems to vary from year to year. We seem to have not enough hobbit
      banners one year, not enough Silm the next, and so on. It really depends on
      what banner-makers are most active. We do our best to round out the edges,
      and I think the banner-makers do a good job of that, but there will always
      be deficiencies.

      More use than suggesting banners, would be to make some yourself or to
      recruit friends from your corner of the awards to make some. If there are
      people who write a certain kind of story, there are (hopefully!) artists who
      like working with those same characters. If they want to create MEFA
      banners, we're more than happy to find them. We also hope to have more
      "generic" banners that can be used for a wide variety of stories - graphics
      with landscapes, castles, scrolls, that kind of thing.


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      > I don't consider myself to have enough knowledge outside my own niche
      > to be much use at suggesting banners, but I did notice that there were
      > very few winners banners featuring Aragorn and Arwen or Boromir and
      > none at all featuring Denethor.
      > Linda
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