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10368Re: [MEFAwards] ADMIN - 2010 Calendar, + Call for Volunteers

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  • nath kuijpers
    May 5, 2010
      I'll be happy to make banners again:)



      --- On Mon, 3/5/10, aure_enteluva <marta.fandom@...> wrote:

      > From: aure_enteluva <marta.fandom@...>
      > Subject: [MEFAwards] ADMIN - 2010 Calendar, + Call for Volunteers
      > To: MEFAwards@yahoogroups.com
      > Date: Monday, 3 May, 2010, 20:42
      > Hey guys,
      > A few days ago I mentioned that we would start the 2010
      > awards soon, but that the other volunteers and I were still
      > fine-tuning the schedule. We've now decided that we'll kick
      > things off on May 15, which is (*eep!*) about two weeks
      > away. That means:
      > 1. Nominations will be accepted: May 15-June 15
      > 2. All nominations must be finalized by: June 21
      > 3. Check ballots posted: July 7-July 15
      > 4. Reviewer Goals must be set by: August 15
      > 5. Voting ends: December 15
      > 6. Results Posted: December 18
      > One thing you'll notice is that we've shortened the
      > nomination season to one month. (Before, it has been 5-6
      > weeks.) My hope is, since we've simplified the amount of
      > emails authors have to send to their liaisons, nominations
      > can be finalized more quickly. We also didn't want to end
      > the awards at the end of November or at the end of December,
      > since those are very busy times for many of our participants
      > - but we couldn't see a good way to do that except for
      > shortening the awards by two weeks. We considered shortening
      > the voting season, but thought that would create even more
      > problems for more people.
      > To help with the shortened nomination period, I highly
      > encourage you to spend the next two weeks getting ready to
      > nominate stories. Think of it like the first two weeks of
      > nomination season. You can't enter your nominations into the
      > website, obviously, but you can do everything but that. You
      > can decide what you want to nominate, make sure you have all
      > the information you need, even contact the author to let her
      > know you want to nominate her, so she'll be expecting an
      > email from a MEFA volunteer. You can also enter your
      > nominations as soon as possible (don't wait until the end of
      > nominations to see if someone else will nominate it). That
      > will really help us get all the nominations ready to compete
      > on time.
      > You can check whether a story has been nominated in the
      > past by using our MEFA archive:
      > http://mefawards.net/mefa-archive/
      > Eligibility requirements are the same as they were in 2009,
      > but in case you need a reminder:
      > http://mefawards.net/MEFA2009/index.php?page=FAQeligibility
      > ****************************************
      > Nominating stories is probably the most important job you
      > can do right now, because without nominations we won't have
      > a good awards. You can also start talking up the awards with
      > your friends. But if you want to do something more formal to
      > help the MEFAs, read on. :^)
      > 1. Banner Coordinator
      > We need someone to organize banner creation. Your first job
      > would be to work with the banner artists, to make sure we
      > have a good variety of banners. You would also need to work
      > with me and other volunteers, to discuss changes we want to
      > make in how we handle banners. Finally, you would be a
      > "banner makers' advocate." If they do not like the way we're
      > handling the banners part of the awards, you should listen
      > to their concerns and discuss them with me to see how we can
      > change things.
      > You do *not* need to be a banner artist yourself; some
      > knowledge of graphics is helpful, but the banner coordinator
      > mainly makes sure that the banner portion of the awards runs
      > smoothly.
      > Requirements:
      > --- available May 15-beginning of January, at least every
      > 3-4 days and more often in certain periods
      > --- basic familiarity with online graphic-sharing website
      > (e.g., Photobucket, picasa, etc.)
      > --- general knowledge of Tolkien fandom
      > --- general familiarity with MEFA rules about banners
      > --- an ability to manage other volunteers
      > --- a willingness to enforce rules
      > 2. Banner Creators
      > If you just want to make banners, we need you too! We need
      > banners and icons for nominated authors, winning authors,
      > and reviewers who meet their review goal. Let us know you
      > want to get involved, so we can give you credit.
      > Requirements:
      > --- graphics skills
      > --- willingness to follow directions
      > 3. Beta Testers
      > Starting next week, we'll need people to try to "break" the
      > 2010 site. If you have time to nominate some test stories
      > and are willing to discuss whether the site does what you
      > expect, we want you!
      > Requirements:
      > --- available May 8-May 15 (preferably every day)
      > --- basic technical skills
      > --- basic familiarity with past MEFA websites
      > 4. Author Liaisons
      > Author liaisons work with authors to make sure they fill
      > out their forms correctly. This is a great first step to get
      > involved with volunteering, as you will have the full
      > attention of myself and other long-term volunteers. It also
      > allows you to deliver good news to authors (which can be
      > quite fun). But to do it, you *do* need a fair amount of
      > time and patience, as you will be explaining a fairly
      > complicated process to authors, some of whom may not know
      > anything about the awards.
      > Requirements:
      > --- available regularly May 15-June 21 (esp. June 15-21),
      > preferably every day
      > --- positive and friendly personality
      > --- ability to follow directions
      > --- willingness to ask questions
      > --- basic familiarity with MEFA policy and Tolkien canon
      > 5. Promoters
      > As always, we need people to make MEFA announcements at
      > non-MEFA groups. If you know of a place where Tolkien is
      > discussed, and you're willing to make announcements there,
      > let me know the place. I ask that you officially "sign up"
      > so I can make sure only one person is making announcements
      > at each place, and so we can credit you on our website.
      > Requirements:
      > --- available regularly May 15-December 15 (preferably at
      > least twice a week)
      > --- familiarity with a Tolkien group that would benefit
      > from MEFA announcements
      > --- willingness to ask questions
      > 6. Ratings Committee
      > When authors are unsure what rating is appropriate for
      > their story, we invite them to have a group of volunteers
      > look at the particular scene, and tell you what rating is
      > appropriate for your story. (Authors can also provide
      > context for the scene.) This means that we need members
      > willing to read these scenes and make recommendations. The
      > ratings panel will consist of three volunteers and one
      > alternate.
      > Requirements:
      > --- available regularly May 15-June 21 (preferably every
      > day or two)
      > --- familiarity with MEFA ratings policies
      > --- willingness to apply those policies to specific
      > stories
      > --- willingness to read potentially objectionable content
      > -- some of which may be sexually explicit (m/m, m/f, and
      > f/f) or graphically violent
      > As the awards progress there will be other ways to
      > volunteer. I'll let you know about those as they come up.
      > *************************************
      > If any of these tasks interest you, please let me know by
      > emailing me at mefasupport(at)gmail(dot)com. Please do this
      > even if you volunteered last year; I don't assume you still
      > want to volunteer. If you think you'd like to help but
      > aren't sure you quite qualify, email me anyway and we'll
      > discuss whether you'll be able to handle the job.
      > P.S. - I may have already mentioned it, but on May 12 the
      > 2009 site will no longer be available. Reviews and basic
      > story information will still be available through the
      > archive. However, if you need anything else off the 2009
      > site, please get it before May 15.
      > At your service (and your family's),
      > Marta (humble MEFA admin.)
      > ------------------------------------
      > Visit our website: http://www.mefawards.net/MEFA2009/
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