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10365Re: ADMIN - 2010 Calendar, + Call for Volunteers

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  • BLJean@aol.com
    May 4, 2010
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      Serves me right for getting distracted with RL while I'm composing an
      email.... *sigh* Mind like a steel sieve.....

      *hugs* Barbara!

      Story of my life. Well, most of the time, anyhow. Every Mother's Day I'm tempted to ask for four hours just to myself... but always end up doing a whole-family-all-together day because isn't that what moms are all about? (Don't answer, not looking to start a debate if opinions vary on this concept, just reflecting on life in general and my life in particular.)

      "Mind like a steel sieve"--I like it. The variation we use around here is "My mind's like a steel trap, and thoughts are water... leaking right through."

      Want to take this opportunity to thank all those who volunteered last year (don't remember if I did--I started a "thank you" email but don't know if I finished and sent it, when the awards ended), and thank in advance those who will be helping with the current year.

      As a homeschooling mom, I thought that things would get easier as the dc grew older and more independent. What I didn't count on was the subjects getting harder, and the schedule ever more complicated (read that: crazy).

      Hats off to you for keeping the MEFAs going. Perhaps if the dc are in swim team this summer I can print off stories to read by the poolside during practice sessions... I keep hoping for more reading (and writing) time.

      Anyhow, thanks again,
      Lin (Jean)
      aka Lindelea (but not so often as I'd like, these days)

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