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10362Re: [MEFAwards] ADMIN - 2010 Calendar, + Call for Volunteers

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  • Elena Tiriel
    May 3, 2010

      I plan to create banners again this year.

      I'd like some help, though: I think you hinted at some changes this year,
      like the wording for Review Junkies? I really want to know *all* the
      rules/guidelines as soon as possible, so I don't have to keep going back and
      re-working banners that I'd already made. (I never know when my Banner Muse
      will hit -- or desert me entirely -- in fact, I've already made a couple of
      new ones for this year....). Is there a FAQ for banner-makers up yet, or do
      you have a source doc that explains the rules, or at least any changes for
      this year?

      With the changes to the Review Junkie wording, I'll probably cut down to
      only one Review text -- whichever is the most popular -- rather than having
      two texts, "Commended Reviewer" (which takes up an awful lot of space....)
      and "Review Junkie". That way I'll only make 3 versions of each banner, not
      four (Nominee, Review X, and Winner -- and I'm leaving "Winner" banners
      blank this year).

      Secondly, a request for you and/or the Banner Coordinator this year: if you
      are going to have separate areas to post the different banner types (i.e.
      Nominees vs. Reviewers vs. Winners), please designate those areas and send
      out locations and passwords at the *beginning* of the process. Whenever I
      make a banner, I make all the various versions immediately... and last year,
      it was just a huge pain to go back and revisit banners that I had already
      "finished", because the location/password was posted for Nominees first,
      then much later the loc/pw for the other places. I want to be able to finish
      a banner, post it all the places it's going to be needed, and be DONE with

      Thanks for all your work, Marta! These awards have really gotten better and
      better each year.

      *note to self: next time, hit "Send".....*

      - Barbara

      On Mon, May 3, 2010 at 12:42 PM, aure_enteluva <marta.fandom@...>wrote:

      > 2. Banner Creators
      > If you just want to make banners, we need you too! We need banners and
      > icons for nominated authors, winning authors, and reviewers who meet their
      > review goal. Let us know you want to get involved, so we can give you
      > credit.
      > Requirements:
      > --- graphics skills
      > --- willingness to follow directions

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