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10357RE: [MEFAwards] ADMIN - 2010 Calendar, + Call for Volunteers

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  • telperion1
    May 3, 2010
      Hiya Ellynn,

      No problem - it's a good question to ask, since other newer members might be
      confused as well.

      After all the nominations are in, a group of volunteers go to work sorting
      it into main categories and subcategories. These are the groups you will
      actually be competing in, and that determine awards results come December.
      It's a group of 6-12 stories, poems, etc., and the highest-scoring piece
      gets first place, the next highest gets second place, and so on.

      Anyway, in July, we give authors an opportunity to check that we've actually
      put your story in the right category and subcategory. When we sort the
      stories, there are a lot of mouse-clicks over at the website, and with 600+
      stories it's possible we made a technical mistake. For instance, maybe you
      wrote a Horror story but it ended up in the Humor category - two groups that
      are next to each other alphabetically (so the kind of mistake a volunteer
      could make when entering things onto the website), but obviously a *huge*
      different in content. It's not really a free-for-all where you can say your
      story would fit better in some other subcategory. But it does give you the
      opportunity to say "wait, that's not how I described my story. Are you sure
      that's right?"

      I'll be posting a list of all the nominated stories, grouped by the category
      and subcategory they ended up in. I'll be posting those lists here. If you
      see a story that looks like the volunteers made a mistake on, you can ask
      about it during check ballots. After that, the categories and subcategories
      are "set," meaning we only move tings in very rare circumstances (like when
      WIPs are completed).


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      > Hello!
      > Uhm, just one question, concerning Marta's e-mail:
      > > 3. Check ballots posted: July 7-July 15
      > What exactly is "check ballots"? *blush* Being a part of MEFA only one
      > year (2009), and not being a native speaker, I do not recognize the
      > phrase. Once you tell me, I'll probably remember I saw it last year,
      > but right now, I am not sure what that is.
      > Thanks, bye,
      > Ellynn
      > P.s. Looking forward to new season! .)))))))
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