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10086Re: 2009 nominations closed

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  • alassante7
    Jul 1, 2009
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      Thanks to all of you that worked so hard - including you Marta since you don't pat yourself on the back. =)

      I'm assuming that since they are not all finalized yet, the categories we'll be competing in haven't been set yet? Or have they?

      --- In MEFAwards@yahoogroups.com, Marta <marta.fandom@...> wrote:
      > Hey guys,
      > *rushes in, out of breath*
      > If you have been to the MEFA website in the last two hours you ay have
      > noticed that your links to nominate stories are gone. While North/South
      > Americans, Australians, Asians, and the like may still have the calendar
      > turned to June 30, according to GMT we have passed into July 1, which
      > means the end of nominations.
      > *throws confetti*
      > Great work, guys! As of right now there are exactly 750 nominations, 528
      > of which are 100% ready to compete. (The status "nomination finalized"
      > in MEFA parlance.) Over the next week, hopefully we will see a lot of
      > those finalized. Those nominations that aren't finalized will be
      > withdrawn so by about July 7, you can be reasonably sure that every
      > piece on our website will be competing in the awards.
      > But you don't have to wait until next week. The MEFA website tells you
      > how much progress an author has made toward accepting the nomination. Go
      > to www.mefawards.net/MEFA2009/ and click the "Stories" link at the top
      > of the page. Now look on the right side of your screen - you will see
      > things like "Nomination Finalized," "Email sent to Author," etc. Any
      > story with the status "Nomination Finalized" is 100% ready to go and
      > will compete in this year's awards. Why don't you try to review one
      > "Nomination Finalized" story this week?
      > I want to take the opportunity to thank some very special volunteers who
      > helped out during nominations.
      > * Tanaqui, our technical support volunteer, not only developed many
      > useful features that made nominations easier, she also handled errors
      > people came up with. Aranel Took pitched in admirably as well whenever
      > she was needed.
      > * Elliska has set up member accounts, putting in the legwork to make
      > sure members don't already have an account on the website. This is the
      > one area of the awards that I really take for granted, because Elliska
      > does such a great job making it run smoothly. And this year was far from
      > an exception.
      > * PipMer is our one-woman welcome wagon. As welcome manager she contacts
      > every new member and answers any questions they have. That's a lot of
      > emails, and I think it helps a lot.
      > * Speaking of lots of emails and questions, I really can't thank all the
      > liaisons enough. This year the liaisons are Agape4gondor,
      > Aranelgoldenflower, Brindlemom2, Cathleen, Dreamflower, Dwimordene,
      > Elea24, Elliska, Fiondil, Foxrafer, Inkling, Linaewen, and Nancy Brooke.
      > They each worked (and are still working) with nominated authors to get
      > their nominations ready for the competition. This is an incredibly time-
      > and energy-intensive way of helping out, but they did it admirably.
      > * Nieriel Raina has taken on the job of organizing this year's banners.
      > And there are some beauties! Check out www.photobucket.com/mefa09n (pwd:
      > celebrimbor), even if you aren't a nominated author, just to check out
      > all the shinies our banner artists have created. Thanks to Cactuskim,
      > Elea24, Elena Tiriel, Elleth, Nath, Nieriel Raina, red lasbelin, and Viv
      > for making banners and buttons.
      > * This year's rating panel is comprised of Annmarwalk, Oshun, Sulriel,
      > and Raksha. They have read many stories, quickly, and gave their opinion
      > on what rating was appropriate -- even when the material was not their
      > cup of Earl Grey.
      > * Dawn Felagund and Larner have taken on the task of making MEFA
      > announcements every week, telling you how to use site features. There
      > have been some very informative posts so far, and more is yet to come.
      > * Our promoters have talked up the awards across the intarwebz. Hats off
      > to Agape4gondor, Alassante, Annmarwalk, Aranel Took, Branwyn,
      > Brindlemom2, Cathleen, Dawn Felagund, Dreamflower, Dwimordene, Ellie,
      > Inkling, Larner, Nancy Brooke, Nieriel Raina and Obsidianj.
      > And I'm sure I'm leaving some people off. Obviously lots of people have
      > worked very hard to make the MEFAs happen. Thanks, one and all for all
      > your hard work.
      > And thank *you*, everyone who nominated a story or accepted a nomination
      > for one of their own stories. We wouldn't be here without you. :-)
      > Marta
      > (MEFA Admin.)
      > PS - Promoters, please hold off on forwarding this message. I'm going to
      > write up a special announcement for you to pass along.
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