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Free Speech for People--We're making a difference!

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  • Mike Hersh
    Dear friend - Great news: we re seeing a tremendous response to our campaign, just in the past few days since our last message. In fact, it s been one of our
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 17, 2010
      Dear friend -

      Great news: we're seeing a tremendous response to our campaign, just in
      the past few days since our last message. In fact, it's been one of
      our strongest responses ever. It's clear that people are ready to stand
      up and fight to take our democracy back from the corporations.

      There's also been a ton of press coverage on all the money spent in the
      recent election. And that coverage gives us an important opening to
      make our case for a constitutional amendment, using
      letters-to-the-editor to reach policy-makers and the public.

      Can you take 5 minutes right now, to send a letter to your newspaper?
      We've made it easy by providing sample letters and an online tool to
      help you send one to your paper, here:

      Send a quick letter to the editor now

      Letters-to-the-editor are really powerful: they're widely read,
      especially by elected officials, who pay extra close attention to get a
      feel for what the voters are thinking about.

      After the election, you can bet they're watching to see if we're going
      to roll over and accept the latest power grab by corporations, which
      just spent hundreds of millions of dollars to influence the last
      election, with the Supreme Court's blessing. Or, if we're standing and

      Which will you do today?

      Click here to stand up and be heard

      Our constitutional amendment will make it clear once and for all that
      free speech and other constitutional rights are for people, not

      Your letter will help tell the world that the fight for the future of
      our democracy is on.

      Thanks again for standing with us.


      - John

      John Bonifaz
      Free Speech for People
      November 17, 2010

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