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Re: [MC_IDE] [ANN] MetaCard IDE 4.1

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  • Richard Gaskin
    ... She did, but it was posted to the MC IDE discussion list which had previously been the main communications channel for MC stuff:
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 28, 2011
      On 6/28/11 8:07 PM, Vokey, John wrote:
      > Wonderful news. Except: so how do I actually use it? Do I replace files, copy something somewhere, invoke an incantation, wait for the Genius Gay to write a new installer, or what?

      She did, but it was posted to the MC IDE discussion list which had
      previously been the main communications channel for MC stuff:


      If you're no longer subscribed to the MC IDE discussion list, you may
      have missed this earlier post about the new mcStandaloneBuilder:

      Oddly enough, when I hit "Reply" on messages to this Yahoo group the
      email address is set to the wrong one (MC_IDE-owner rather than MC_IDE).


      Richard Gaskin
      Fourth World
      LiveCode training and consulting: http://www.fourthworld.com
      Webzine for LiveCode developers: http://www.LiveCodeJournal.com
      LiveCode Journal blog: http://LiveCodejournal.com/blog.irv

      > On 2011-06-28, at 8:44 PM, KennanR wrote:
      >> I'm pleased to announce that the newest release of the MetaCard IDE, Version 4.1, is now available for download.
      >> This release has *a lot* of changes and additions to it, and a list of these
      >> changs/additions is included at the bottom of this post and as part of the
      >> download.
      >> You can get it from the "Files" area, and it's also being mirrored at this URL:
      >> http://www.metacard.livecodejournal.com/files/mc_ide_4.1.zip
      >> If you have any issues with the new IDE, please post them here or
      >> send me an email, whichever you feel is most appropriate.
      >> Enjoy!
      >> Ken
      >> =======================
      >> Version 4.1 - June 2011
      >> General
      >> -------
      >> - Added support for a new 'mcomponents' folder with the first component
      >> being Richard's new Standalone Builder. This folder will be used for other
      >> components later on down the line.
      >> - Added "mcGetPref", "mcSetPref", and "mcPrefsList" handlers to the
      >> backscript to work with new preferences model (see Preferences for more
      >> info).
      >> - Added "mcStackPath" function to backscript to help developers deal with
      >> the multiple MC/Rev/LC extensions. (To use, pass it a path to a stack file
      >> minus any extension; it will check for .mc, .rev, or .livecode versions of
      >> that stack path and return the path, including extension, or "not found" if
      >> there isn't a stack file with any of those extensions.)
      >> - Added "mcLoadStack" and "mcPurgeStack" handlers to backscript to help
      >> developers manage memory.
      >> - Added Richard's "mcStandaloneBuilder.rev" stack which is currently IN
      >> BETA - so if you run into any issues or have any suggested changes, please
      >> send a message to the MetaCard List or contact him directly at
      >> "ambassador@...".
      >> Menus
      >> -----
      >> - [File] Added support for listing .livecode files in the Open dialog
      >> - [File] Modified "New Stack" to set the following properties on by
      >> default: destroyWindow, destroyStack, liveResizing, alwaysBuffer, width=640,
      >> height=480, loc=screenLoc. NOTE: This does not change the current state of
      >> the templatestack.
      >> - [Edit] Added support for pasting image data; it creates a new image
      >> object with the image data in it
      >> - [Text] Added "Gray", "Orange" and "Purple" to text colors menu (we
      >> already had the secondary color "Green", but we didn't have the other two
      >> secondary ones)
      >> - [Window] Fixed bug in Window menu creation where button reference was
      >> inaccurate under certain circumstances
      >> - [Window] Supercharged the "Window" menu:
      >> (a) Shows hidden windows with surrounding brackets
      >> (b) Puts a diamond in front of the menu item for the topmost window
      >> (c) If you pick a hidden (bracketed) window from the menu, you have an
      >> option to show it (shows a confirmation dialog unless you hold down Option
      >> when making the selection)
      >> (d) Added a "Center Offscreen Windows" menu item
      >> (e) If you hold down Option when invoking the menu, the windows in the
      >> menu are not sorted (i.e. they are listed in stacking order)
      >> (f) If you hold down the Shift key when invoking the menu, the
      >> substacks of the main stacks in the menu are listed in a submenu that you
      >> can select from (if you want to open the substack) or just view.
      >> Message Box
      >> -----------
      >> - Removed 4W-specific code from card script
      >> - Fixed bug where you couldn't use parentheses to execute a command in the
      >> Message Box (i.e. "DoMyThing (the short name of this stack)" would think you
      >> were trying to execute a function)
      >> - Fixed bug where message box wouldn't work under Windows without
      >> tinkering with the Message Box Field script to exclude "(x86)" globals
      >> Preferences
      >> -----------
      >> - Modified layout of Preferences window; made upper/lower case labels
      >> consistent across all tabs
      >> - [Look and Feel] Added option to turn off message box scrollbars in
      >> Preferences window
      >> - [Look and Feel] Added option to completely hide the Home stack on launch
      >> if you don't want to see it
      >> - [Look and Feel] Added checkboxes for setting the default value of
      >> destroyStack, destroyWindow, and alwaysBuffer for new stacks
      >> - [Script Editor] Added "Cmd-option edits scripts in browse mode" option
      >> (defaults to false for backwards compatibility)
      >> - [Script Editor] Added "Preserve script-local Variables" option (defaults
      >> to false for backwards compatibility)
      >> - Added "LiveCode" tab to the Preferences window that allows you to store
      >> the location of your LiveCode app bundle or folder to aid with standalone
      >> building, etc.
      >> - Converted preferences throughout IDE to use a separate preferences file
      >> on disk through the use of the "mcGetPref", "mcSetPref", and "mcPrefsList"
      >> handlers in the backscript (thank you, Richard!).
      >> Properties Palette
      >> ------------------
      >> - [All] Added "Visible" property to all properties palette cards
      >> - [Button/Appearance] Added "Margins" field
      >> - [Stack] Fixed bug where password/passkey could not be set properly with
      >> LC Engine 4.0 or later
      >> - [Custom Properties] Added ability to create custom property sets in the
      >> Custom Properties dialog.
      >> - [Custom Properties] Fixed bug that prevented the use of a reserved token
      >> for a property name of a custom property set (e.g. trying to set the
      >> uRIP["name"] would fail because "name" is a reserved token).
      >> Tools Palette
      >> -------------
      >> - Added "line" tool to MC Tools palette so it and the MC Toolbar (that
      >> displays in Windows/Linux) would be in sync
      >> - Modernized look of Tools Palette and MC Toolbar
      >> - Fixed bug in Tools palette where selecting a graphic tool would
      >> highlight the wrong tool on mouseUp
      >> - Fixed bug where adding a datagrid to a new stack would cause an error
      >> dialog
      >> Object Browser
      >> --------------
      >> - Fixed bug where "Script Lines" column was displaying empty, even if
      >> objects had a script. (This was due to the change in passkey/password.)
      >> Script Editor/Debugger/Variable Watcher
      >> ---------------------------------------
      >> - Modified "Script Find" window:
      >> (a) Adjusted layout
      >> (b) It is now resizable (turned on liveResizing)
      >> (c) Added toggle triangle to Script Find palette to switch between Find
      >> and Replace without having to close Find and open Replace
      >> - Fixed bugs in script editor formatting so it wouldn't wrap improperly
      >> when it hits a "\" red herring; also indented "case" inside "switch";
      >> support block comments by keeping the indented format
      >> - Fixed debugging of behaviors in Variable Watcher.
      >> - Fixed bug in VW where manipulating multidimensional arrays would cause
      >> the array values field to scroll back to the top after each menu pick.
      >> Plugins Manager
      >> ---------------
      >> - Added "Reload Library" button to MC Plugins Manager window;
      >> checking/unchecking library loads/unloads the library
      >> - Added support for using .livecode files as plugins (it already had
      >> support for .mc and .rev)
      >> - Fixed McPluginsManager so that all stacks that don't have a "revMode"
      >> open in their natural mode (not always palette if .rev)
      >> Other Stacks
      >> ------------
      >> - [Home] Modified stack to take up less screen space but still remain
      >> useful.
      >> - [Find] Minor cosmetic changes
      >> - [Script Error] Enlarged the size of the window, and provided extra room
      >> for the error object description
      >> - Made significant cosmetic adjustments to the UI of the Metacard Menu Bar
      >> stack and the Tools palette
      >> Optimization
      >> ------------
      >> - Centralized call to opening Custom Properties window
      >> - IDE now passes the selectedObjectChanged message (don't understand why
      >> it didn't before...)
      >> - Fixed font support for Home stack and Metacard Menu Bar stack to include
      >> text size.
      >> _______________________________________________
      >> metacard mailing list
      >> metacard@...
      >> http://lists.runrev.com/mailman/listinfo/metacard
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