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[MBC] Unnamed Bastard Supershow

Here is the show in its entirety. Enjoy! HOUR ONE http://mbclive.wordpress.com/2013/07/10/mbc-unnamed-bastard-supershow-hour-one/ HOUR TWO
Kyle Lee
Jul 9, 2013

[MBC] Hall of Fame 2012 Ceremony

So I'm stealing a page from John over at Fighting Spirit and posting the show on Wordpress rather than text bomb you all in e-mail (thanks John). I hope you
Kyle Lee
Jul 9, 2013

[MBC] Status Update

With the little response that I've received, it seems like people are willing to take the supershow before the Hall of Fame. And in such, I've been proofing
Kyle Lee
Jul 7, 2013

[MBC] Opinions Needed

I'm not sure how much longer it will be before I get the remaining items for the hall of Fame show. So this is where your opinion is needed? Are you willing to
Kyle Lee
Jun 28, 2013

[MBC] Update - Show on the Horizon

For all intents and purposes, the elusive Supershow is effectively complete. I finished the final match Saturday morning and worked on the final segment last
Kyle Lee
Jun 24, 2013

[MBC] Whats Left to Do on the HOF/SuperShow

So for the most part I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on the HoF/Supershow. For the Supershow itself, I have 2 matches left to write (Tag title
Kyle Lee
Jun 5, 2013

[MBC] Show Update

Time for your {insert time period joke here] update! All three of my match writers have come through with their matches. Together with mine, that puts the
Kyle Lee
May 21, 2013

[MBC] Update 5-6-12

So here are things I can tell you about the progress of the shows. 1. Work radically changed my schedule, so dealing with that has put me way behind. Trying to
Kyle Lee
May 6, 2013

[MBC] Update on Things

The supershow is constantly evolving for the better. A lot of great ideas have been presented and are being executed as we speak. I'm having some minor surgery
Kyle Lee
Apr 15, 2013

[MBC] Update

Got the first couple of speeches for the Hall of Fame show and I am quite pleased with the quality. Looking forward to what the rest of the inductees come up
Kyle Lee
Mar 26, 2013

[MBC] General Note on the Hall of Fame

Hey everybody, I wanted to pass along some general notes in regard to the MBC Hall of Fame show. It will be the largest class the MBC has ever had and though
Kyle Lee
Mar 19, 2013


*=========================== [MBC] THE NEWS FIT TO REPORT =========================== UPDATE #10 -December 1st, 2012 (Ignore the dates!)
Kyle Lee
Mar 14, 2013

[MBC] Unnamed Bastard Show Episode 8 HOUR TWO

[Fade in: We have a couple of masked people... evidently, Parts Unknown isn't the only place you are going to find people concealing their identities under
Kyle Lee
Mar 13, 2013

[MBC] Unnamed Bastard Show Episode 8 HOUR ONE

NOW THE WORLD DON’T MOVE TO THE BEAT OF JUST ONE DRUM [The deep voice of Steve “Uatu” Jones welcomes you, beckons you, to our latest destination.] WHAT
Kyle Lee
Mar 13, 2013

[MBC] Show Update 3-8-13

All that is left for the show is one more match and then the proofing. Then boom! A show! MBC CYCLE PROGRESS TOTAL 33.02% Unnamed Bastard Show Ep 8
Kyle Lee
Mar 8, 2013
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