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MAUG meeting

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  • Michael Czajka
    This meeting we expect demos of: The iphone (Merv) AROS (Damien) Indivision (George & Taj) Blue Ray (Tony is bringing in his laptop)... to test quality of
    Message 1 of 58 , Sep 26, 2008
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      This meeting we expect demos of:

      The iphone (Merv)
      AROS (Damien)
      Indivision (George & Taj)
      Blue Ray (Tony is bringing in his laptop)... to test quality of
      output on a projector
      Latest EEE PC (Jeff) with the new 10" screen (for emulation AmigaOS)

      Plus Andrew and Damien will attempt to combine a C64 and a Plus
      4...creating a Frankenplus?

      Merv should get his A4000T back... and we'll hear from David what was
      wrong with it.

      We'll be troubleshooting the MAUG financial report on Turbocalc...
      after which we can decide on a date for the AGM.


      OS4.1 purchase
      Sam440 PPC and OS4.1 - Philip has ordered one... so he can tell us
      about it.
      Latest Amiga v's Hyperion news
      Laser projectors
      Solid State Hard drives
      Solar Panels... and energy efficiency


      Michael is bringing in 2 Thylacine's one working... and one not...
      we're going to try to work out why one isn't working... and to
      install the working one... or work out why it won't work with Merv's

      If you've got an Amiga bring it in...

      Lots to see and do...

      PS. If you're into energy efficiency http://go.to/nexus which is
      having a meeting with Ron Kukler inventor of an innovative diesel
      injector system... and more.
    • Damien Stewart
      Hello Slick I didn t see anyone review the last meeting os I thought I share what I did on the night. ... The X1000 has USB2.0 ports. And even though we were
      Message 58 of 58 , Apr 11, 2013
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        Hello Slick

        I didn't see anyone review the last meeting os I thought I share what I did
        on the night.

        On 29/03/2013, you wrote:

        > Damien
        > Promised to bring in the X1000 to do some more speed testing to see
        > how fast we could make a USB 3.0 flash drive go.

        The X1000 has USB2.0 ports. And even though we were only testing a USB 3.0
        drive in a 2.0 port, it could still be optimal for speed. And in the
        results this showed.

        For OS4 there wasn't much difference to other dirves I tested. And the
        average was around 10 MB/s max. However this was with DiskMonTooks which
        is 68K so that could affect results. I like it because it has a GUI. The
        alternative, DiskSpeed or ScsiSpeed, lacks a GUI in the OS4 version; and I
        can never figure out the command line template. It always conflucts with
        what arguments I pass to it and the docs do not give a simple clear
        example. On top of that it crashes when I test it on the X1000. So it
        would be good if there was some easy OS4 benchmarking software.

        However, I did also test using Linux and to my surprise the results turned
        out better. The Disk Utility gave a speed of 23MB/s max. Which I think is
        huge! Michael gave figures of 40MB/s possible with USB 2.0 but to me that
        just seems unrealistic. 23MB/s also seem a tad bit high if the test was

        > Stargus (a starcraft add-on)
        > Damien promises he will have it compiled for the next meeting.

        And I did. :-) Stargus run under Stratagus which is a strategy game engine
        based on the LUA programming language. Essentially it uses customs scripts
        with the graphics, sounds and maps extracted from the original game. Web
        site here:


        A new version came out recently and it was a dog to compile. The main
        problem being the latest Stratagus is needed to run it or rather the
        updated scripts. And they changed the build system of Stratagus to CMake.
        OS4 had a CMake port, but I was unfamiliar with it and it would just crash
        for me or simply break at some point. However emails back and forth to the
        porter and I eventually got it to do something. I kept at it, wrestling
        with CMake, until finally got to the stage where I could get it to compile

        The result was demonstrated at the meeting. Where I showed the latest
        Stargus in action and how it is more playable now with some bugs fixed.

        > News
        > Linux cross compiler for OS4.0 now available

        On os4coding.net there are instructions for setting up one for an x86 box.
        However, it is built from the source so I thought I'd have a go on my
        X1000. So I did and it worked! This allows me to compile OS4 code under
        Linux. Instructions are here, but it's more involved than it looks! I
        installed it at AUG using a faster net connection than at home and I was
        still there for hours on end doing it! It practically downloaded the C
        compiler sources and support tools and compiled the C compiler! :-O


        > Blitterwolf's monthly page is back up (it's a place for Amiga
        > development). Apparently Damien moonlights there:

        > http://www.blitterwolf.com/projects.html

        It should be available soon as well as a Stargus update.

        > If you have a smart phone then you need data. Kogan has the best deal
        > at $29/mth with 6GB data (the Telstra network):

        That's true. They are always downloading data, looking for updates, going
        on the internet behind your back, a bit like Windows really! :-D

        Right now my data is 10c/MB on Telstra prepaid so I don't have free data. I
        can pay more by the month but then it costs more and goes against the
        point of being prepaid really. Plus if you pay a set amount you might as
        well plan it and get a log of usage. Something that you won't get on
        prepaid. Telstra anyway. Mine is erased every 24 hours.

        My regards,
        Damien Stewart

        Courtesy of the AmigaOne. And only OS4.
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