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8847TODAY in Jefferson City!

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  • Connie Shoemaker
    Mar 13, 2014
      Hello MAEA,

      Today is going to be a beautiful sunny day here in Jefferson City!

      I hope to see many of you at the Capitol this morning. We start the day a little cool.
      At 9 a.m it should be about 40 degrees and warm up by noon to be 55. By 5 p.m. it should be 63 degrees.

      I wanted to highlight some of the offsite opportunities that are happening today.

      1 p.m. There is the Governor's Mansion Tour.
      Both former First Lady Lori Holden and artist Carla Steck will be on hand to discuss Lori's portrait. Both Holden's portraits are contemporary and very different from the other portraits. Ever wonder why the Holden's chose such a unique style and color choices? Lori's frame is not only beautiful but very unique and personal.
      What did they say to Carla as she started planing the portraits? These are some questions that both Lori and Carla would love to discuss today. There are some openings so if you thought about signing up for this tour and didn't get around to it then go a head a meet us outside the mansion at about 12:50 p.m. There is an event going on later this afternoon but the Mansion staff is squeezing us in. I hope you take advantage of this tour today because Lori and Carla are not part of the regular tour.

      2:15 p.m. Capitol Dome Tour.

      Senator Kehoe has arranged for a staff member to take a group up in the dome. This is a very strenuous tour because most of the tour is climbing stairs - lots of stairs! If you are physically able and have never done this there are a few openings left on the tour. This is one for the bucket list. Bring comfortable shoes (not heels). Meet Sheryl outside of room 220.

      2-5 p.m. Silkscreening and First Five T-shirt Contest
      If the Capitol tour is not for you then head on over to J. Phenny's. Located at 217 E High Street. If you are coming from the Mansion it is only a couple blocks away. A little farther from the Capitol. This is a great restaurant to pick up a sandwich, burger or pizza. I already thinking about what I want to have for lunch. Soup & Sandwich or a BURGER!

      Come Silkscreen a bag, bandana, buff,etc. or bring your own t-shirt. Quick instructions and then you can have at it. While you wait you might want to get a beverage, appetizer and chill. J Phenny's is a great place to watch TV or play one of their many games. I'm sure you can find something to eat and do while you wait for your artwork to dry.

      8-10 p.m. Slumped Wine Bottle Workshop at The Mission. Located at 915 E High Street it is too far to walk. You will need to drive or take a taxi to this venue. Known for outstanding local and national music talent tonight is Open Blues Jam. No cover tonight so come on down and if you are one of the first 25 to come in you will get materials and instructions on how to create a slumped wine bottle. You will string glass bead on wire around the neck of the slumped bottle and then enjoy music while you string the beads. The Mission only serves beverages but Prison Brews is across the street so you can go there first and eat, order and have them deliver the choice is yours. The main thing is that you can have a relaxing evening creating your cheese and cracker plate (the wine bottle). The Mission stays open until 1 a.m. but don't plan on me being there until then. I have to get my beauty rest for tomorrow.

      In your registration packet you will find other information about tours that you are on your own to enjoy. With everything that is going on I hope you have your hotel reserved through Saturday!

      If you have any questions you can contact me on my cell phone:

      Holley 573.230.8511.

      See you soon!
      Holley & Sheryl & District 6