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A Request for Comments on a Dialogue (cont'd)

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  • Christopher Orr
    Some feedback from J s dialogue partner below: Christopher ... [J]: I ll need to think more on this, but initially I would say that your question doesn t hit
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 23, 2008
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      Some feedback from J's dialogue partner below:


      > [J]: *Or in other words, Lutherans seem highly uncomfortable with the
      >> idea that our salvation is an ascetical struggle, and hence they never
      >> mention it, or if they do it they always qualify it in such "Lutheran
      >> sounding" terms. To the Orthodox though such a concept isn't a
      >> contradiction nor is it in any way a detraction from the grace of God found
      >> in Christ. *
      > [N]: And you don't get a sense that there are persons who wonder whether or
      > not they are in a state of grace? (key question for me) And if they don't
      > seem to wonder this, why do you think that is? Is this a "forbidden state"
      > or a forbidden discussion, contra humility?

      [J]: I'll need to think more on this, but initially I would say that your
      question doesn't hit the radar simply because it's not an issue. And it's
      not an issue because God has come to save us, so perhaps it's simply
      assumed: the repentant heart finds mercy with God and is always in a state
      of grace? But as I said, let me muse on this and do some research and see
      if I can give you a better response.

      >> [J]: *Another distinction that never really hits the Orthodox radar is
      >> the legal, forensic metaphors of the West.*
      > [N]: Well, with the exception of Palamas (see "Glory to God" archives), who
      > is as big name.

      [J]: Thanks for the correction as I have essentially read nothing by
      Palamas, though he is a big name in Orthodoxy.

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