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Re: Orthodoxy in the Holy Tradition state of GEORGIA, USA

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  • adam_roe
    David, A few years ago some Confessional Lutherans got together and made a 10-minute video that explains the hows, whats, and whys of the Lutheran
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 12, 2008
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      A few years ago some Confessional Lutherans got together and made a
      10-minute video that explains the "hows," "whats," and "whys" of the
      Lutheran Church. Our pastor bought burnable copies of that video and
      then subscribed to a service that gives the names and addresses of
      everyone who moves to the local area. We sent out members of the
      congregation to deliver the video, some pamphlets on what the Lutheran
      Church is, and a treat (brownies, cookies, etc.). The idea is to drop
      the gifts off, let them know who you are and that you just want to say
      "hi," and "welcome," and then leave. Don't proselytize. Just plant
      the seed. We've had many people visit our church as a result of that


      --- In LutheransLookingEast@yahoogroups.com, byza7@... wrote:
      > +Glory to Jesus Christ ! +His Glory be Forever !
      > Hello fellow members of the LutheransLookingEast group
      > Just thought I would post some outreach about our Church, St.
      Elizabeth in
      > Woodstock, Ga.
      > As a life long Orthodox Christian, I have always felt that our
      Church could
      > and should do more to raise the visibility of Orthodoxy to all peoples.
      > So I posted the question to you that were or are of non Orthodox
      > to please let me know via e mail or call me if you chose.
      > We purchased 3 acres of property in Woodstock, Cherokee County,
      North of
      > Atlanta.
      > Property was blessed last Feb. and we have been actively working on
      > for the development of property and building of a Church this year.
      > You an see many pictures etc at _www.stelizabethga.org_
      > (http://www.stelizabethga.org) On our church web site you can
      request to be added to our
      > group for future e mails, etc.
      > If you know of any people interested in Orthodoxy or just visiting
      us then
      > please have them call me at 770-591-7133. You can use this number
      to make
      > contact for now with our new priest and family arriving after
      August 16th.
      > So send me suggestions on outreach to the non Orthodox and contact
      me if you
      > know of someone in this area,etc.
      > Thank You
      > David Novak, founding father
      > St. Elizabeth Orthodox Church
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