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Re: [LutheransLookingEast] Re: Wisdom?

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  • Christopher Orr
    What s mandatory is what your priest tells you to do, which should be more than nothing and include at least some prayers and fasting for at least the morning
    Message 1 of 14 , Jun 4, 2008
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      What's mandatory is what your priest tells you to do, which should be more
      than nothing and include at least some prayers and fasting for at least the
      morning prior to communing - unless there is a health concern that keeps one
      from fasting (sickness is already fasting; fasting is voluntary 'sickness'
      and suffering).

      I fast from bedtime the night before communing and say just the prayers
      before communion themselves, not the canons. That has been my rule since
      2001. When I was attending just one OCA parish (rather than splitting
      between GOA and OCA) I would also only commune if I had attended a
      preparatory service the evening before, whether Vespers or Vigil, or in the
      Greek tradition at least Orthros immediately before Liturgy.


      On 6/4/08, randall hay <stortford@...> wrote:
      > These rules are particularly strict....more so than any I have ever
      > used. They are good practices, but are not generally mandatory.
      > In fact, after having been Orthodox ten years and visited a variety of
      > archdioceses and monastery, I have never ever seen the cross brought to
      > people who have communed after the service.
      > The traditional Russian and Serbian practices, in my experience, tend to be
      > more strict than others...I belong to the Bulgarian diocese (under the
      > Bulgarian patriarch) and these things are encouraged but not mandatory,
      > except of course fasting prior to Communion. Confession must be "recent,"
      > but that's all.
      > On the other hand there's nothing more heartbreaking than Orthodox who
      > disregard Eucharistic piety entirely....come in late, confess every two
      > years, talk in the Communion line, leave early, etc.
      > The traditional practices of piety should certainly be encouraged, to bring
      > people's spiritual lives forward...preparation can hardly be over-valued. On
      > the other hand I think there's a reason they are not generally mandatory...
      > R.
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      > Since Yahoo will not allow attachments , here is a link to all of
      > this communion preparation information:
      > http://www.pomog org/communion. shtml
      > Having initially discovered this online, and subsequently purchasing
      > the Jordanville Prayer Book, it has brought me to a most blessed
      > appreciation for and experience of communicating. For me this has
      > been a lifelong progression from my early participation in the old
      > Lutheran general confession, to a brief review of a few prayers right
      > before receiving, to some more serious thought about the gravity of
      > receiving Christ that necessitates much prayer, fasting, confession
      > and diligent preparation. Makes sense - we have an opportunity to
      > receive the King!
      > It was obvious that these Russian rules are a lot more strict than
      > what is practiced in the Greek Church to which I belong. But I did
      > find out from some of the older Greeks that they, to used to follow
      > the stricter ways years ago. Fortunately, there seems to be a slow
      > but discernible movement back toward the fuller practices, all of
      > which ostensibly bestow innumerable blessings on the participant.
      > JiMi
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      > > ----By the way, I'll attach a copy of the canons for Communion. The
      > ones to Christ, the Theotokos and Guardian Angel are interwoven
      > (there is a particular way to do three canons together), followed by
      > the canon for Holy Communion and then more pre-Communion
      > prayers....these are the most recent version from the Jordanville
      > Prayer Book (except a few of the ones toward the end are a different
      > translation) ---
      > > R.
      > >
      > >
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      > > Subject: RE: [LutheransLookingEa st] Wisdom?
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      > >
      > >
      > > Thank you Subdeacon Randy for pointing out that the icon predates
      > the heresy. I tried to find the words to The Canon to Our Sweetest
      > Jesus on Myriobiblos. I found an Akathist to our Sweetest Lord Jesus
      > Christ and also a Canon to our Lord Jesus Christ - are either of
      > these the one to which you refer? Forgive me, I'm not very familiar
      > with your liturgy.
      > >
      > > Christopher and Peter, thanks for your answers also. They were very
      > helpful to me.
      > > Love in Christ,
      > > phos
      > >
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      Christopher Orr
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