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Re: [LutheransLookingEast] Sunday School

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  • Christopher Orr
    The main difference I note is that there is a Sunday School. Of course, my WELS churches had Sunday Schools but I never attended because I went to a WELS
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      The main difference I note is that there is a Sunday School. Of course, my
      WELS churches had Sunday Schools but I never attended because I went to a
      WELS parochial school and had catechism/Bible Class and devotion everyday
      during the week. Orthodox churches tend not to have such schools - thought
      there are a few exceptions, especially in the Greek Archdiocese.

      I teach Sunday School and we tend to focus much less on 'doctrine' as a
      memorized, intelletctual fact and more on the practice of the faith. So,
      lots of talk about the services, lives of the saints, the sensory aspects of
      the faith (icons, candles, oil, wine, bread, vestments) and pull the
      doctrine of the Church out of these examples of the effect doctrine has on
      our lives an the life of the Church.

      I also see more and more efforts to get kids to know the Bible stories,
      since they are integral to understanding the allusions in the services and
      hymns of the services outside of Liturgy.

      Historically, I think SS was used as a way to help pass on the cultures
      immigrant Orthodox came from - of which Orthodoxy and the services were a
      major part. But, this could often devolve into SS as foreign language
      class. I think the focus on the services is natural, but was also perhaps
      overly emphasized sometimes due to the fact that the second and third
      generation children and grandchildren of immigrant Orthodox couldn't
      understand what was going on in the services since they were being served in
      a 'foreign' language. So, explanation of the incarnated forms of doctrine
      needed explaining before you could then start looking up bible passages and
      stories alluded to in the texts.


      On 4/9/08, Rosemarie Lieffring <rose.lieffring@...> wrote:
      > I don't know how different in execution Orthodox SS is from Lutheran
      > SS. I would say not so much, but in content they are different, of
      > course.
      > We happen to have a wonderful couple teaching our SS. They teach the
      > typical bible stories and even biblical things like the fruit of the
      > Spirit (the children decorated paper fruit and named each one after
      > the fruit of the Spirit, tied the fruit to branches and had a parade
      > through coffee hour with them!). Plus they learn about the lives of
      > the Saints, the Liturgy, other Orthodox things like iconography and
      > our SS children even learned to prepare Prospheron! They each
      > prepared and stamped small loaves and took them home for baking.
      > As far as high schoolers go I haven't seen any of the written material
      > but I have been told the Antiochians have especially good material.
      > On 4/8/08, phos_hilarion@... <phos_hilarion%40hotmail.com> <
      > phos_hilarion@... <phos_hilarion%40hotmail.com>> wrote:
      > >
      > > Is Orthodox Sunday school very different from Lutheran Sunday school?
      > What
      > > kinds of things are the children taught?
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      > > Love in Christ,
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