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Fasting and "the very element of Orthodoxy"

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  • Christopher Orr
    Learning to Swim In the Very Element of Orthodoxy One hears that, in foreign lands,
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      Learning to Swim "In the Very Element of

      One hears that, in foreign lands, people are now learning to swim, lying on
      the floor, with the aid of equipment. In the same way, one can become a
      Catholic or Protestant without experiencing life at all - by reading books
      in one's study. But to become Orthodox, it is necessary to immerse oneself
      all at once in the very element of Orthodoxy, to begin living in an Orthodox
      way. There is no other way.
      - St. Pavel Florensky (+1943)


      Illness = Fasting<http://thechildrenofgod.blogspot.com/2008/02/on-being-ill.html>

      She also said, 'If illness weighs us down, let us not be sorrowful as
      though, because of the illness and the prostration of our bodies we could
      not sing, for all these things are for our good, for the purification of our
      desires. Truly fasting and sleeping on the ground are set before us because
      of our sensuality. If illness then weakens this sensuality, the reason for
      these practices is superfluous. For this is the great asceticism; to control
      oneself in illness and to sing hymns of thanksgiving to God.'

      - Amma Syncletica (3rd-4th century)

      HT: The Children of


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