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Fwd: 2007 Orthodox Conference on Missions and Evangelism

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  • Christopher Orr
    *Sharing Our Faith, Building Our Church* 2007 Orthodox Conference on Missions and Evangelism *This year s special track: Campus Evangelism!* Aug 31 to Sep 3
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 2007
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      *Sharing Our Faith, Building Our Church*
      2007 Orthodox Conference on Missions and Evangelism

      *This year's special track: Campus Evangelism!*
      Aug 31 to Sep 3 (Labor Day Weekend) � Antiochian Village, Ligonier, PA

      Presented by the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese Department of
      Missions and Evangelism. Sponsored by the Orthodox Christian Mission Center

      Department of Missions and Evangelism (Antiochian Orthodox Christian
      Archdiocese), 777 Camino Pescadero � Santa Barbara, CA 93117-4908 �
      (888) 968-4014 � (805) 692-8416 � www.antiochian.org/missions/conference �

      Dear Friends,

      Do you want to take your Orthodox Christian Faith seriously, learn how to
      explain it to others, and help your parish grow? Would you like to spend a
      whole weekend worshipping, learning, and fellowshipping with others who
      share your vision? Then the annual North American Orthodox Conference on
      Missions and Evangelism is for you! Attached to this letter is a 2-page
      flyer about the 2007 Conference, with rave reviews from past participants
      and registration instructions. Following that is a detailed schedule for the
      weekend. We're offering a good variety of sessions, including several
      concerning how to promote the Orthodox Faith among college students. Our
      speaker line up features two of the most respected Orthodox Christian
      evangelists in the world: Fr. Peter Gillquist and Fr. John Reeves, and a
      shining star in the new generation of Orthodox preachers and teachers, Fr.
      Kevin Scherer.

      But in case you still are not convinced, here now, direct from the home
      office in Santa Barbara, California, are the...

      Top 12 Reasons why you should attend this year's Orthodox Conference on
      Missions and Evangelism:

      12. Your priest keeps harping on you to invite people to Church.
      11. Your parishioners keep harping on you to make your Church a place worth
      inviting people to.
      10. You've just got to see if Fr. Kevin is really as cute as his publicity
      9. There's a blueberry patch down the path from Antiochian Village where you
      pay on the honor system. It's unguarded. (Wink-wink, nod-nod).
      8. The mission trip to Tahiti over Labor Day Weekend already was filled.
      7. The first 500 students who register will get free memberships to Orthodox
      Christian Fellowship.
      6. Fr. John's Texas accent sends you straight to Heaven.
      5. Antiochian Village Executive Chef Tim Johnston is Paul Prudhomme, Emeril
      Lagasse, and Martha Stewart all rolled into one.
      4. You're tired of feigning a sudden need to rush to the lavatory every time
      someone asks, "So, just what is Orthodoxy?"
      3. You're not Orthodox, but you're wondering what all the fuss is about.
      2. Rumor has it Fr. Peter may pull out his guitar and be "gettin' jiggy with
      1. At the last all-parish meeting, the six of you decided, "Hey, maybe we
      should think about outreach."

      Register by August 10 and save $50! If you have any questions, please call
      me toll-free at (888) 968-4014, or write to me at missions@....
      God be with you!

      Yours in Christ,

      Howard Lange
      Conference Coordinator

      *Fr. John Reeves*
      Pastor of Holy Trinity Orthodox Church and director of the Penn State
      University Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF), State College, Pennsylvania.
      � Waking Up a Sleepy Parish
      � College Students Are Always Hungry...and OtherImportant Lessons Learned

      *Fr. Peter Gillquist*
      Director of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese Department of
      Missions and Evangelism.
      � A Mission From God: the Two Essentials toBuilding a Strong Mission
      � The Nuts and Bolts of Campus Evangelism
      � Building an Effective Regional Campus Board

      ** *Fr. Kevin Scherer*
      Executive Director of the North American Orthodox Christian Fellowship
      � Evangelism and Outreach to the Poor andHomeless
      � A Vision For Orthodox Christian FellowshipShelly Stamps

      *Shelly Stamps*
      Conciliar Press
      � Building a Parish Bookstore

      *Howard Lange*
      Dept. of Missions and Evangelism
      � Leading a Friend to Jesus Christ

      Plus special guest speakers, discussions with the experts, a live outreach
      event, and more!

      Registration includes...all sessions, 3 nights lodging, 7 meals, and take
      home materials.

      To register call toll-free (888) 968-4014 or email missions@....
      Register by August 10 and save $50!

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