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    NEWS RELEASE For information contact Fr. Frederick Watson, 2263 E. Cherokee Drive, Woodstock, GA 30188 770-485-0504 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Rome, GA
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 17, 2011
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      For information contact
      Fr. Frederick Watson,
      2263 E. Cherokee Drive,
      Woodstock, GA 30188


      Rome, GA (November 8, 2011) -- A meeting will be held at the Landmark
      Diner in Rome, GA, on Wednesday, November 30, 2011, at 7:00 pm, for any
      families or individuals interested in forming an Orthodox Christian Church in
      Floyd County. The meeting is organized with the blessing of the Missions
      Commission of the American Carpatho-Rusyn Orthodox Diocese out of Johnstown,
      Pennsylvania. The Rev. Fr. Frederick Watson, priest administrator of St.
      Elizabeth Orthodox Christian Church in Woodstock, GA, will chair the meeting. He
      will be assisted by David Novak, a member of St. Elizabeth and the Chairman
      of the church’s Outreach Committee.

      Novak and Fr. Frederick are responding to a request from Panagiota Castro,
      a Greek Orthodox and manager of the Landmark Diner, to help in the
      organization. Panagiota, a native Greek, but in this country for many years, has
      long supported the establishment of an Orthodox Church here. “The closest
      Orthodox Church is over sixty miles away,” she said. “I and my family need a
      place to worship and receive Christian education that is more convenient
      for us.”

      Fr. Frederick has been a familiar face around Berry College over the past
      few years. In 2009, he gave a series of lectures on Orthodoxy as part of
      Berry’s Cultural Series. The three lectures covering history as well as
      beliefs and practices, was well received, not only by the Berry College
      students, but by community members as well. These lectures were requested and
      organized by Dr. Michael Papazian, Associate Professor of Philosophy and History
      at Berry. Himself an Orthodox Christian, Dr. Papazian was thrilled with
      the turnout for the lectures and the resulting interest in the Orthodox
      Church. “We were pleased with Fr. Frederick’s familiar style and his depth of
      understanding that has motivated many students in their study of Religion,”
      said Dr. Papazian. Fr. Frederick has also been a guest teacher at several
      Berry classes.

      As well, Fr. Frederick and Novak have participated in the annual Berry
      College Worship Fair, an early September event on the Berry campus that draws
      churches from all over the area. The church representatives provide Berry
      students with information regarding these local churches, and invite them to
      choose a place for regular worship while at Berry.

      Orthodox Christianity traces its roots back to the original church of the
      Apostles of Christ. For the first thousand years of the Christian Church,
      there was only what has come to be called Orthodoxy, that is, the church of
      correct, of right belief and worship. Based on the Holy Tradition of the
      Bible, the Church Fathers and the Ecumenical Councils of the Church, Orthodox
      Christianity has changed very little from the first century.

      While Orthodoxy is better known from its ethnic roots, like “Greek”
      Orthodox, “Russian” Orthodox, “Serbian Orthodox,” or “Armenian” Orthodox, all
      Orthodox churches claim the same basic beliefs about Christ, the Church
      and salvation. The various expressions of ethnic Orthodoxy are being blended
      in America into an American Church that is quickly becoming “pan-“
      Orthodox, that is, involving people of all ethnic backgrounds. Fr. Frederick
      stressed that the “Americanization” of Orthodoxy has not changed its beliefs or
      practices, but has put less stress on ethnic heritage than on reaching out
      to English-speaking Americans. “All of our services are and will be in
      English throughout,” Fr. Frederick emphasized.

      The upcoming organizational meeting at Landmark Diner (2740 Martha Berry
      Highway) is open to anyone who has an interest in Orthodoxy. For more
      information, call Fr. Frederick at 770-485-0504


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