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Re: [LutheransLookingEast] Great Podcast re: Salvation in East & West

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  • matt reader
    And to follow up, for a great book that highlights East-West distinctives, and in a very non-combative manner, please check out Light From The Christian East
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      And to follow up, for a great book that highlights East-West distinctives, and in a very non-combative manner, please check out "Light From The Christian East" by James Payton put out by IVP. To me it is sort of like Bajis' "Common Ground" in a condensed form, written by a Protestant scholar. It's a fantastic book that many of my friends, Orthodox and non, have really found useful. It's now one of the main books I use to give to folks who have an interest in all of this. And what's even better, you really learn a lot about Protestantism at the same time. Great stuff.

      And something else that I rarely find suggested is the series by David Anderson about the Nicene Creed, put out by Orthodox Christian Cassettes. It's the best lecture introduction to Orthodoxy out there. You can listen to them over and over and keep learning and growing.


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      Subject: [LutheransLookingEast] Great Podcast re: Salvation in East & West
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      Hi friends, I just stumbled across an awesome podcast over at ancient faith radio. Two episodes in particular give an excellent overview of both Western & Eastern approaches to salvation. These theological frameworks hold together everything else and are the lenses through which both East & West approach the scriptures. They are highly enlightening, short and sweet - very much worth the 30 minutes it take to listen to both.

      Part 1 on the Western Approach to Salvation: http://ancientfaith.com/podcasts/pilgrims/virtual_righteousness_part_1

      Part 2 on the Eastern Approach to Savlation: http://ancientfaith.com/podcasts/pilgrims/virtual_righteousness_part_2

      I find this very interesting in my quest to explore the differences in East and West and to grasp how truly the ancient minds of the Church understood salvation, theology and life. It should become a recommended starting point for any western Christian exploring Orthodoxy.

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