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Re: [LutheransLookingEast] Question on Prayer book

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  • Christopher Orr
    There is not a single volume that would have everything you need to perform the full Orthodox cycle of services.. The Book of Common Prayer was purposefully
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      There is not a single volume that would have everything you need to perform
      the full Orthodox cycle of services..

      The Book of Common Prayer was purposefully edited down to be a single
      volume. I believe the RCC requires more than a single book if you were
      going to do everything fully.

      As to the Orthodox services, it also sort of depends on what one means by
      'the daily prayers'. The daily prayers for an Orthodox Christian is simply
      the prayer book. I use the Jordanville one, primarily, though I also have a
      couple of others. The Service Book translated by Hapgood gets closest to
      providing most things you would need, but it doesn't give the rules to
      serving without a priest.

      The monastery that grew up around Elder Sophrony of Essex had a dearth of
      service books - and they all spoke different languages - so he developed a
      more monastic form of the cycle of services that centered on the Jesus
      Prayer. In fact, the Jesus Prayer in varying numbers can substitute for
      every service throught the day - including Liturgy!

      Once you are being guided by a priest, you can ask him for some other
      service you might pray at home. Likely he won't let you. I think you will
      find that it is hard enough to simply pray morning and evening, and perhaps
      the Jesus Prayer throughout the day. In fact, once you start trying to do
      even this, you will have a harder and harder time because you will be doing
      it out of obedience - which will start to aggravate your pride and
      independence, not to mention the demons. Once you get used to that you will
      struggle against boredom.

      I once read about a modern attempt to follow every rubric and reading in the
      Typikon of the Great Church (Hagia Sophia, Constantinople) - or, was it the
      Typikon of St Sabbas? - throughout the day. They found that this took over
      24 hours a day to complete. It underline the fact that the Typikon is an
      icon, it is not something that can literally be done - it points beyond this
      world, which is the point, afterall.


      On Tue, Sep 1, 2009 at 7:13 PM, tharman32 <tharman32@...> wrote:

      > I want to ask a question - (I think the answer is no) - and if this isn't
      > appropiate for the list please delete/ignore.
      > In the Episcopal Church, Lutheran Church, & Roman Catholic Church a prayer
      > book exists that contains the Daily prayers, the full Psalter, and the full
      > text of the Daily lectionary from Scripture in one handy volume (sometimes
      > more - the RC splits the Liturgy of the Hours by Season, etc.).
      > Does a book like this exist in the Orthodox Church?
      > I know the Western Rite OC use the Monastic Diurnal or the Anglican
      > Breviary (both of which are far too complicated for my little mind), but I
      > haven't been able to find an "Eastern" version.
      > Not that flipping books (or pages if you use the Orthodox Study Bible)is
      > bad, but to have the same devotion I did as a Lutheran/anglican I would need
      > two or three books.
      > Shalom!
      > Todd

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