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Re: Practice of Infant Communion

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  • oruaseht
    Thank you so much for your post. I have finally had a chance to read these papers and they are very helpful. It s just as I feared though... I m completely
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      Thank you so much for your post. I have finally had a chance to read these papers and they are very helpful. It's just as I feared though... I'm completely Orthodox on this matter!!! Some of my other Lutheran Pastor brothers and I have been discussing this issue for some time now (particularly how the Eucharist relates with Lutheran Confirmation), so these posts in this forum really give me another approach to the Spiritual life which is truly wonderful and inspiring.

      Closely related to this is the subject of Closed Communion. Would anyone care to comment on the Orthodox Practice of "Closed Communion" - particularly as it relates to who may be admitted to the Eucharist in the Orthodox Church? Is it closed to all non-Orthodox (not Baptized & Chrismated, I'm guessing?) Hence, Orthodox infants would be permitted to the sacrament based on their identity in Christ and in the Holy Orthodox Church? Later these requirements change to include confession & repentance?? Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks again for the posts!

      --- In LutheransLookingEast@yahoogroups.com, Rosemarie Lieffring <rose.lieffring@...> wrote:
      > Sometimes it is hard to find an Orthodox response to a Protestant
      > interpretation...but hopefully someone has something on 1 Cor:27-28 that can
      > help you.
      > Infant communion was the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back for me
      > in terms of realizing something was very wrong. It was obvious it has
      > always been practiced, it was even more obvious how and when it was
      > separated from Baptism and Chrismation / Confirmation in the evolution of
      > the Roman Catholic Church.
      > I don't know if you have already come across the Marinicic (memory eternal)
      > and Gelbach (both Lutheran pastors) papers on the subject. If not, you are
      > in for a genuine treat. You can find them under the "Papers" link HERE:
      > http://wctc.net/~gehlbach/IC/index.htm
      > I never knew what it was like to prepare for Holy Communion until I became
      > Orthodox...the Orthodox take 1 Cor. 27 - 28 VERY seriously. In addition to
      > having a recent confession (how recent depends on many things), the Orthodox
      > fast and say special communion prayers in the home apart from corporate
      > services. Generally, no roudy Saturday night parties before communion on
      > Sunday. We are taught to approach the Chalice with fear and trembling!
      > "Behold I approach Christ, our Immortal King and God!" So it is not an
      > invisible set of verses for us. Children are taught these things when they
      > are of an age to learn them and participate in them.
      > I know this isn't exactly what you are looking for but maybe it's a start in
      > the discussion.-----R
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