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904Re: Finding the "right" Orthodox parish

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  • Fr John W Fenton
    Feb 25, 2009
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      My various duties prevent me both from keeping up with the fast
      exchange of emails on this list, and from offering long answers.

      Rose pointed you to an essay I wrote when I was a Lutheran ("What
      Options..."). There is also my statement of resignation in which I
      detail, in a broad way, some of the doctrines and practices in
      Lutheranism that I determined were contrary to the Faith of the
      Church. Both of these items are located at
      http://www.holyincarnation.org/inquirers.php. There are also other
      items there that you might find helpful.

      My journey to Orthodoxy germinated just before I went to seminary and
      took nearly 25 years to come to full flower. Many questions, many
      fears, many struggles, many prayers and not a few tears watered the
      path, as well as a time when I had given up on Orthodoxy. What I've
      written is peppered with these experiences.

      Please feel free to email me offlist if you wish. Perhaps we can set
      a time to speak by telephone, if you find that helpful.

      Fr John W Fenton
      Assistant to the Vicar General of the Western Rite Vicariate
      Priest, Holy Incarnation Orthodox Church
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