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856Re: [LutheransLookingEast] Hello, I'm the newbie

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  • randall hay
    Jan 1, 2009
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      My wife (nondenominational background) and I (Lutheran background) both did well when we became Orthodox. There is plenty reverence, none of the RC medieval errors, and a definite piety to guide us along.
      Kids too (at the time they were 8 and 10).... there is much for children. They can venerate icons, get blessed bread, commune etc. (Babies and children, since they are believers, are welcome to commune with everyone else.) Our 1-year old grandaughter bows when the priest censes in her direction.

      ---Anyhow, Orthodoxy never fell into the error of one-marriage-only-only-only-and-annulment, which so often has political dimensions and amounts to a de facto divorce. The church does everything it can to prevent divorce, of course, but people are people, we are all fallen sinners and can't force our spouses against their free will to stay happily married to us. The ancient Orthodox canons do allow for it.

      There are no ramifications at all for those who divorced before they became Orthodox (the only exception I can think of is when the man wants to be a priest, in certain archdioceses only.) There are no ramifications because Orthodoxy is in one sense a new world, a wondrous one full of paradisal possibilities, quite different in a inner way from other churches.

      I would suggest attending a local parish to see. For your first visit all you need to do is find a pew (or stand if you prefer). It takes a long time to learn what to do at various parts of the service, and everybody knows that, so all you need to worry about is observing prayerfully.

      In Christ,

      Subdeacon Randall

      From: Katherine <kitanna59@...>
      To: LutheransLookingEast@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Wednesday, December 31, 2008 7:23:28 PM
      Subject: [LutheransLookingEast] Hello, I'm the newbie

      I am the "new member" and have always had a leaning towards the East.
      My husband is an excommunicated Catholic. He did not pay the RCC
      enough $$ to annul his marriage. And of all things, he married me in
      a LCMS. He has always said that he was going to hell for marrying me
      (with a prior marriage) and him not being annulled.

      I have joined an ELCA church. I have had him to my ELCA church and he
      has said the message is better than what he was "brainwashed" whit
      regarding the RCC. I was hoping there might be a happy medium for him
      and I to worship at/with.

      Any suggestions?

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