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498Re: Christ is Risen!

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  • laurafrizelle
    May 9, 2008
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      Dear Pastor Vinovskis,

      You are right. In that very same conversation with my bishop and
      priest, they reminded me that the Orthodox Church is not perfect and
      has it's divisions.

      Locally in another jurisdiction there has been a lot of controversy
      and even in our own parish's history, there has been fighting, but the
      big difference I see is that there is a time tested, apostolic even,
      process for reconcilliation and self correction.

      On the parish level: confession and being reconciled to your brother
      before you commune is practiced where I am at and the people have a
      deeper relationship with their priests and respect for the office.

      On the whole church level, a council of bishops. Much different from
      voter's meetings and jockeying between "liberals" and "confessionals".

      Episcopal government and the clear view of ordination as a sacrament,
      so far from my view, seem to really help with resolving confict. Also
      doctrinal issues like the what the LCMS is facing are pretty much
      unheard of in my neck of the woods. There might be disagreements even
      about money or fasting or whatever, but these are minor and do not
      border on breaking with apostolic teaching. Time ends up healing
      these conflicts, whereas in churches with more democratic forms of
      church government it seems like the churches change with the times in
      a more worldly direction.

      For what it is worth.

      In my parish and in my diocese people are fighting for unity between
      jusrisdictions. People fight against their selfish desires to be in
      communion with each other. Humility is a virtue that is admired and I
      have friends who are not afraid to speak the truth in love to me when
      I am wrong. I have never experienced anything like this before.

      "Let the righteous strike me, it shall be a kindness and let him
      reprove me, it shall be as excellent oil."--- from the Divine Liturgy
      of St. John Chrysostom.

      Another thing is this. Because doctrinally the Orthodox Church is
      steadfast, one can really stand firm and fight for what is right.
      Before being Orthodox I felt like I was on a hill of sand.


      P.S. I just woke up and am drinking my first cup of coffee. It's
      probably too early for me to try to communicate about such things. ;-)

      --- In utheransLookingEast@yahoogroups.com, "wrvinovskis"
      <WRVinovskis@...> wrote:
      > Dear Sister,
      > As an LCMS pastor, I very much appreciate your family's frustration
      > with the controversy and fighting in the LCMS. I, too, from
      > time-to-time have been tempted to throw in the towel. I pray God's
      > blessing on you in your journey. I trust you will find a safe haven in
      > the Orthodox church. Having said that, in my brief interactions with
      > Orthodox Christians of various stripes it has become fairly obvious to
      > me that there is no lack of conflict and fighting among the Orthodox,
      > also. While there may be many good reasons to become Orthodox, I'm
      > not sure peace and harmony is at the top of the list.
      > God's Peace,
      > Pr. Waldemar Vinovskis
      > "We feebly struggle, they in glory shine!"
      > > >
      > > > My husband was a pastor for nearly 10 years in the LCMS. After 9
      > > > of controversy and fighting in the LCMS and about a year of intense
      > > > study and prayer, we met with Bishop JOSEPH and our local Orthodox
      > > > priest. Bishop JOSEPH listened patiently and compassionately to our
      > > > situation, concerns and fears. Then he said to us, " Have you ever
      > > > thought about your salvation?"
      > > >
      > >
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