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485Re: [LutheransLookingEast] Re: Christ is Risen!

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  • Anastasia Theodoridis
    May 8, 2008
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      "We tell them that we are poor, but very
      happy and invite them to come and

      One of the things that desperately needs doing is for Orthodox businessmen
      and women to get organized so as to be able to offer decent jobs to people
      like your husband, Laura. We ought to have a nationwide network of people
      who have access to such positions.

      Yes, it's breathtakingly courageous when families leave behind their means
      of support to follow Christ into Orthodoxy. And indeed, this is the sort of
      faith Christ exhorts us to have when He says if anyone loves father or
      mother, etc., better than Me, he is not worthy of Me.

      STILL! It would be great if we could help make such decisions easier by
      having some sort of a job placement service...

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      blog: http://anastasias-corner.blogspot.com
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