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484Re: Christ is Risen!

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  • laurafrizelle
    May 8, 2008
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      Hello Randy,

      I'll tell my husband you said hello!

      I am glad you have peace now. It was amazing for us too, how once we
      were close to making our decision how our peace while still in the
      LCMS began to increase. Of course it was very hard to make the final
      separation from the people in the congregation my husband served, but
      we knew with full conviction that that was what we had to do. Bishop
      JOSEPH also said to us during that first conversation that once we
      made our decision to do it quickly as possible and to have no fear.
      That is exactly what we tried to do.

      We will pray for you and yours, Randy.

      Tom asked for a peaceful release from his call. We did not want to
      tear up that little church anymore than it was. I wish that we could
      have brought more with us for their sakes, so that they could know the
      fullness and beauty of Orthodoxy. In time we pray that people will
      come, a few have, but most will have to come on their own. We run
      into people from our old church all the time at the grocery store. We
      tell them that we are poor, but very happy and invite them to come and

      I am convinced that most people just aren't ready yet and that God
      understands completely where they are coming from and He is patient
      and steadfast to all of us Lutheran, Orthodox, Baptist, whatever.
      Forgive the cliche...you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot
      make him drink.

      All we can ultimately do is try to listen carefully to our Good
      Shepherd and personally follow His lead.

      God Bless You Always,

      --- In LutheransLookingEast@yahoogroups.com, RANDY ASBURRY
      <r.asburry@...> wrote:
      > Thank you very much for your words of wisdom, and thank God for
      thecomfort and peace that He has given you! While I still remain in
      theLCMS for the time being, I will confirm your words about the
      politics and thebattle-weariness. It does weigh on the soul. Bishop
      JOSEPH's questionis right on target: "What about your salvation?"
      Thanks for remindingus of that.
      > Also, please tell your husband - Thomas, right? -hello for me. I
      believe our paths crossed a time or two, at least onemail lists if not
      in person.
      > God bless!
      > + + + + +
      > Rev. Randy Asburry
      > Hope Lutheran Church
      > St. Louis, MO
      > r.asburry@...
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      > From: laurafrizelle <laurafrizelle@...>
      > To: LutheransLookingEast@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Wednesday, May 7, 2008 6:14:02 PM
      > Subject: [LutheransLookingEast] Christ is Risen!
      > Hello everyone,
      > I was a member of this group for a short while last year before my
      > husband and I left the LCMS and became catechumens officially last
      > June. We and our 3 boys Ian 6, James 4 and Solomon 2 were chrismated
      > by Bishop JOSEPH at St. John Orthodox Cathedral in Eagle River this
      > last Christmas.
      > My husband was a pastor for nearly 10 years in the LCMS. After 9 years
      > of controversy and fighting in the LCMS and about a year of intense
      > study and prayer, we met with Bishop JOSEPH and our local Orthodox
      > priest. Bishop JOSEPH listened patiently and compassionately to our
      > situation, concerns and fears. Then he said to us, " Have you ever
      > thought about your salvation?"
      > That might sound like a crazy question to most Lutherans, but let it
      > sink in a while. Is bitterness and lack of joy because of church
      > politics causing you to hate your brothers and sisters in the Lutheran
      > Church? Is it distracting you from worship and true Communion with
      > God and your neighbor? Are you addicted to church politics and so
      > sure that you are right and superior that it causes you to judge
      > people like a pharisee, so much that you lack horizontal communion
      > with others in your church? Examine yourself. Where can you get rest
      > and healing from all that crap? Has God abandoned His Church? Where
      > does God protected unity exist?
      > I hope my tone does not sound harsh. I do not mean these words in a
      > hurtful way at all. All of those questions were true for me for too
      > long, and I am just wanting to speak the truth in love, like Bishop
      > JOSEPH did with us. (What a blessing a spiritual father and bishops
      > are in comparison to the political, corporate figures we had for
      > church leaders in the LCMS!)
      > Our LCMS congregation was on the verge of voting on whether to
      > practice open communion or not, and our district president and other
      > pastors in the circuit were not in the least bit concerned. This was
      > one of the final straws upon many, many.
      > Our lives have changed so much since last year, and at every turn we
      > are reaffirmed in the peace and joy of finding the pearl of Orthodox
      > Christianity. I have never known such unity, love and depth of
      > communion. We are home, healing and so thankful to God for all things.
      > Even those years of stress and pain mixed with blessing in the LCMS.
      > God truly works all things out for good for those who love Him, even
      > feebly as we do.
      > Last week I was listening to recordings of the Colloquium for
      > Lutherans interested in Orthodoxy. The presentations were so good. I
      > pray that the Holy Spirit will use those talks to help many battle
      > weary Lutherans and protestants out there to open their hearts and let
      > down their defenses enough to seek the Kingdom of God beyond the
      > political trenches that we too were suffering in for too long. If any
      > of you are interested in the recordings, I am sure Mr. Orr could hook
      > you up.
      > Also for any of you out there who (like us initially) think Orthodox
      > are soft on sin, check out Father Thomas Hopko's new lecture CD on
      > sin. It is very, very good and helpful.
      > I want to encourage any of you lurkers out there to open your hearts .
      > Feel free to email me.
      > God Bless You Always!
      > Laura Frizelle
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