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45Re: What is meant by justification?

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  • gshenricus
    Mar 9, 2007
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      Just for giggles and grins, I went to try and dig up that article
      from Dr. Scaer which you posted a portion of. I found out that I
      will have to order the entire issue which I have done. If there is
      away to post the entire article so that all (Orthodox and Lutherans
      alike) may understand what Dr. Scaer is saying, I will do so (that is
      if the moderator allows it).

      However in the meantime here is anothe article from Dr. Scaer from a
      CTQ issue in 1985, called "Sanctification in Lutheran Theology" which
      everyone here might find of interest as well. Here is the link:


      Pr. Gregory Hinners
      LCMS pastor & unworthy servant

      --- In LutheransLookingEast@yahoogroups.com, Laura <lfrizelle@...>
      > correction, you probably caught it already, but...
      > Dr. David Scaer said in his essay "Sanctification in the Lutheran
      > Confessions" published in the July 1989 issue of Concordia
      > Quarterly
      > "Lutheranism is the only one among WESTERN religions that offers a
      > of ...sanctification...which is not intrinsically moralistic."
      > Do you think he means to say that the Eastern Orthodox also have it
      > meaning not moralistic?
      > Do any of you who are already Orthodox view deification as
      > Peace,
      > Laura
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