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337Re: [LutheransLookingEast] Re: Two Questions

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  • Anastasia Theodoridis
    Nov 11, 2007
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      Hi, Dave,,

      Brian wasn't poking fun at God, either, but at us, the Orthodox. He doesn't feel that free and familiar with God. BTW, he's a seminarian at Holy Cross in Brookline. Well, his studies there have been interrupted by family matters, so he's not DOING seminary at the moment, but as he certainly intends to continue, I suppose we could still call him a seminarian.

      I also look forward to your notes. It must be so weird to be an Orthodox among those Lutherans!

      Seven children! You are amazing.

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      Hello Anastasia-

      Thanks for the note and the concern. I wasn't worried, but concurring.
      Freedom and familiarity with Him, while insolent, is perhaps no more
      insolent than all our other human attempts to honor Him, even when
      undertaken with what we feel as earnest solemnity. It is only by His Grace
      that He accepts our solemn prayers rather than laughing at them. (But I
      probably chose an unfortunate e-mail to chime in.)

      Thanks for all your posts-I read them eagerly.



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      Dave, I've known Brian (via the Internet) enough years not to need worry
      about what he means.



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