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218Re: [LutheransLookingEast] on the "Worship of the Saints" an example

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    Aug 5, 2007
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      You're both quite right. Not dead, and Elijah never was. And no saint is.

      So, okay, I won't poke you with ANY of my hat pins. (I have three: one with a pear-shaped, pearl cap, one with a "ruby" and crystal cap, and my new, onyx pin. Pearl for a relatively benign, small prick. Ruby for drawing blood. Onyx for when I feel quite wicked.)


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      *Dead* saints? Isn't that an oxymoron? ;-) I thought they were very much
      *alive* as Jesus was conversing with them! :-) (I'm just playing. Please
      don't turn your infamous "hat pin" on me; save that for Pr. Weedon! :-))


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      Confession, Preface, 13; Tappert, 26).


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      That last song you've supplied reminds me: with the feast of the
      Transfiguration approaching, it's good to ponder that upon Mt. Tabor, Jesus
      was revealed conversing with two dead saints.


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      Subject: [LutheransLookingEast] on the "Worship of the Saints" an example

      Today 07/20 on the Julian calendar the Holy Prophet Elijah / Elias is
      commemorated. Here are a few selected liturgical texts.

      From Little Vespers: [sticheron tone 1]:

      + With the light of the divine radiance of the three-fold Sun, with purity
      of mind and righteous judgment didst thou denounce the impious king as
      transgressor of the Law and didst shut the heavens, and didst nurture the
      widow and her son. Pray thou, O prophet, that our souls be saved.

      From Great Vespers:

      [at the Litia, sticheron, tone 4]
      + O blessed prophet, thou wast a partaker of incorrupt union in God my
      Savior; parting the Jordan by prayer, thou didst cross it as dry land, and
      wast caught up on a fiery chariot to the heavens, leaving Elisha a double
      measure of grace. Wherefore we beseech thee: though thou hast been caught up
      in the body, yet sunder not thyself from us in spirit, and ever entreat the
      Lord, that our souls be saved.

      [at the aposticha, sticheron, tone 6] Glory...
      + O prophet, preacher of Christ, thou dost never depart from the Throne of
      Majesty, and ever intercedest for every one afflicted with sickness.
      Ministering in the highest, glorified in all places, thou dost bless the
      whole world. Ask thou for cleansing for our souls.

      [troparion / apolytikion of the prophet, tone 4]
      + The angel in the flesh, the foundation of the prophets, the second
      forerunner of the Coming of Christ, the glorious Elijah from on high sent
      down grace on Elisha to dispel infirmities and to cleanse lepers. Wherefore,
      he poureth forth healings upon them that honor him.
      Glory...Now and ever...[theotokion, tone 4]
      + The mystery hidden from before the ages and unknown even to the angels,
      through thee, O Theotokos, hath been revealed to those on earth: God
      incarnate in unconfused union, Who willingly accepted the Cross for our sake
      and, thereby raising up the first-formed man, hath saved our souls from

      From Matins:

      [troparion from Ode VIII, canon 1]
      + On Tabor Christ showed thee to be an initiate of the mystery of His divine
      incarnation, as thou wast an instiller of purity and a most divine offshoot
      of virginity, showing the unapproachable light of the Godhead in His body to
      thee that criest out: All ye works of the Lord, hymn and supremely exalt Him
      for all ages.

      [troparion from Ode IX, canon 1]
      + The Tishbite and Moses the God-seer beheld in revelation on Tabor what eye
      hath not seen, nor ear heard, and what hath not entered into the hearts of
      earth-born men: the Lord Almighty, incarnate.

      Translation of Reader Isaac E Lambertsen, copyright 1983 & 1987, published
      at the St John of Kronstadt Press.

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