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20Re: [LutheransLookingEast] Re: What is meant by justification?

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  • Anastasia Theodoridis
    Feb 27, 2007
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      > You say 'I am justified'. Well and good, but
      > what does that mean?

      It means that, joined with Christ and living His *Resurrection Life*, (of which Life the Law is totally ignorant) we are no longer under the jurisdiction of the Law.

      It means that however richly we deserve the death sentence, we are made immune to it. Christ has already joined us to His Immortal Life.

      It means we no longer have any legal liability.

      It means we are forgiven.

      It doesn't mean we are set right with the Law, for the Law was never the point; Life in Christ always was. It means instead that the Law has no claim upon the dead (and risen).

      It means God , Who has perfect vision and no need to pull the wool over His eyes, sees every one of us exactly as he is -- and miraculously still constantly forgives as we keep repenting! -- and still grants us communion in His immortal Life. And still promises to perfect and glorify us with Himself one day.

      love in Christ,

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