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17851 Cor 4:6

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  • Joshua Greve
    Oct 8, 2011
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      I am new to your forum. I grew up Lutheran and have been Orthodox for over
      10 years. Recently I got into a discussion with a Lutheran about Sola
      Scriptura. One of the many verses he posited as proof that the concept was
      alive and well among the apostles was 1st Cor 4:6 .

      I am sure many of you are not a stranger to this verse and its application
      among Lutherans and other Sola Scripturaists. I have two questions:

      1) What does Paul want them to understand with these words? In other words,
      how did he intend them to applied, understood?

      2) In the NIV do not go beyond what is written is in quotes ("") but it
      doesn't give a reference. In other translations including my Greek Parallel
      I don't see any kind of quotes (although I don't know if koine Greek even
      used anything like quotes). Any insight on both the different translations
      and the where the quote comes from?

      Thanks in advance!


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