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  • xcjorr@gmail.com
    Sep 7, 2010
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      I would add that if you remove the idea that 1) salvation is earned and the idea that 2) grace is simply God's undeserved favor rather than God's energies and presence, then the synergy 'problem' ceases to be a problem at all.

      That is, this is a problem created by the Lutheran schema.

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      Synergy is based on the notion of human freedom and God's respect of that
      freedom. Fallen man is bound as a captive under the tyranny of the devil.
      He is comparable to the Israelites enslaved by the Egyptians. The power
      holding fallen man in bondage is death, and its sting is sin (1Co 15:56).
      So fallen man is under a tyrant, suffers the lash of sin, and is shackled to
      Hades by death. Yet in this situation he can still exercise his will,
      though because of his bondage to sin and death he cannot fully or
      consistently accomplish that will. And, of course, his will cannot
      accomplish his release and return to God!

      Synergy, for the unconverted man, means assenting to the release effected by
      our Passover Lamb, Christ. Basically that's all that fallen man can do is
      say yes or no, so that is what God requires. Faith in the heart must work
      through outward confession and commitment.

      Synergy for the converted man means struggling against your own love of sin
      and conditioning toward it (passions) and to persevere by God's Grace in the
      commandments of God. This is the ascetic struggle, also known as daily
      repentance or bearing the cross and following Christ. Again, it's about
      willingly and purposefully growing closer to God. Man is invited to do it,
      and God supplies the Grace of His Spirit so it is possible. God is not
      passive man's autopilot, but rather the active man's Energizer. The Holy
      Spirit perfects, He does not take over. The demons do not respect free will
      and try to trick man and lead him into bondage so that they can take over a

      In the faith-works paradigm man believes and so he works. His work is
      beneficial in his growth in God because God supplies His personal Energies
      (Grace) to man. The believing man is the active man. Faith works. In
      Lutheranism faith is a passive recipient, and based on what is received it
      works in gratitude. In Orthodoxy faith is activity, and this active faith
      receives Grace, which draws man deeper into union with God and furthers the
      potency of his personal spiritual warfare.

      I hope this is a decent start.

      In Christ,
      Benjamin Harju

      On Tue, Sep 7, 2010 at 3:23 PM, mrthatoneguy92 <timsteele2@...> wrote:

      > I'll be honest- even though I've done my fair share of research and
      > dictionary looking, I still don't quite understand synergy, how it relates
      > to the whole faith vs. works thing, etc.
      > If y'all could help me understand it better, that would be greatly
      > appreciated.
      > - Tim

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