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16Re: What is meant by justification?

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  • Andrew
    Feb 27, 2007
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      Fr. Gregory,

      > " . . . early Christian writers did not choose to express their
      > soteriological convictions in terms of the concept of justification. . .
      > their interest in the concept is . . . minimal, and the term generally
      > occurs in their writings as a direct citation from, or a recognisable
      > allusion to, the epistles of Paul, generally employed for some purpose other
      > than a discussion of the concept of justification itself . . . Justification
      > was simply not a theological issue in the pre-Augustinian tradition."

      But why is this so? Why is it important to St. Paul and not to the pre-Augustinian tradition?

      > You might also check out St. Mark the Ascetic, "On those who think they are
      > righteous by works," in vol. 1 of the Philokalia.

      Thanks. I'll get on it.

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