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1570Re: Theology of Glory

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  • Oruaseht
    Jun 15 7:59 AM
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      Thank you for the insights. I read Fr. Stephen's article and found it to be pure awesome. I tried bringing these themes up at the retreat and was immediately shot down because it was outside of *the* [penal] atonement. I was able to stump them for a short while with the parable of the prodigal son not requiring the outpouring of wrath and then followed that with why God needs double payment: first from Christ then from the sinner who won't believe.

      I think the comment from Benjamin about "not knowing any other way" than a decomposed ecclesiology is telling. It seems to me that Lutheranism has settled on the whole "chief of sinners though I be, the ELCA is worse than me" idea. Insert whatever church body you want. I don't see a theology of glory in Orthodoxy. I think what has happened is that when Orthodoxy confronts the entrenched Lutheran scholar, he digs his heels in and grasps for something, anything to justify his position. Much like the homosexual's discussion stopper of "you're homophobic!" the Lutheran grasps for the "it's a theology of glory!" card.
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