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1562Theology of Glory

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  • Oruaseht
    Jun 14, 2010
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      Hi friends. I was recently at a Pastor's retreat and I started bringing up Orthodox stuff for discussion around the wobbly pops in the evening. I was ridiculed to say the least. Got ourselves some top notch Lutheran scholars, that's for sure. However, we got talking about a couple of major issues, one of them being the church. I was asking why Christ would pray for one-ness in the John 17 prayer if it is completely and utterly impossible to have on this side of earth. The main response from one of the pastors was that a unified church is "a vain hope at a theology of glory." So, Orthodoxy is in delusion and steeped in a theology of glory. He went on further to say that Rev. John Nunes, a previous speaker at this retreat, said "there are only two kinds of churches: f*cked up churches and really f*cked up churches." Apparently, the LCMS (and by synodical fellowship, LC-C) is a f*cked up church - but at least it's not a really f*cked up church! [I apologize for this profane description, but it is what was brought before me at this retreat.]

      The over arching concept here was that Lutheranism, with all of its faults, heterodox theology and practice, is at least not as bad as other church bodies. But I thought that the Lutheran Church was supposed to be *the* church. But now it seems like we are the less "messed" up of the bunch.

      Any thoughts on Orthodox Ecclesiology and the theology of glory?
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