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155Re: A question, on Orthodox ecclesiology

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  • Andrew
    May 15 11:52 PM
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      Christopher and WRV,

      So in other words, the 'form' of baptism may or may not (depending on
      who you talk to) exist outside of the Church, whereas the spiritual
      effects of baptism (remission of sin, union with Christ, regeneration,
      etc.) does not.

      So back to the main point of my post, which you both did not address:
      if baptism doesn't exist outside of the Church (the form means nothing
      without the effects), then how can you rightly call the non-Orthodox
      Christians? It is clear in the New Testament that to be a Christian is
      to be baptized, and therefore to be in the Church. The non-Orthodox
      are neither baptized, nor are they in the Church. Therefore they are
      not Christians.

      As I said before, shoot straight with me here, fellas. I like my
      Orthodoxy straight up, thank you very much.

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