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  • Fr John W Fenton
    Aug 17, 2009
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      Hi David,

      You wrote:

      ".is there some sort of "formal" exit or separation that I have to do with
      St. Louis?"

      According to the LCMS constitution, the only members of the LCMS are
      congregations and certain grades of "ministers" (ordained, commissioned,
      etc.). This means that individual laymen are not members of the LCMS.

      In terms of your question, then, the only persons who must notify the LCMS
      about leaving the LCMS are pastors or others who fit the different grades or
      levels of "ministers." Therefore, when I determined that I could no longer
      be Lutheran, I submitted two resignations-one to the congregation I served
      and one to the LCMS. The several laymen who came to the same conclusion
      simply resigned their membership at the local parish. The LCMS District
      President concurred that this was the proper procedure.

      My singular advice to you, then, is that you have done your duty by
      informing your former LCMS pastor.

      Asking your prayers, the unworthy priest,

      Fr. John W. Fenton

      <http://holyincarnation.org/> Holy Incarnation Orthodox Church

      Location: 1385 Goddard Rd, Lincoln Park MI 48146

      Mail: 8941 Quandt Ave, Allen Park MI 48101




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      Subject: [LutheransLookingEast] Re: Question for former Lutherans

      If I may be so bold as to piggy-back on Kim's question, with my own related
      one. I have just given my Lutheran Church notice that my wife and I will not
      be coming back, and that we're leaving the LCMS to join the OC. Granted
      we've not been chrismated into the OC yet, it is just a question of a short
      time, and I already have made up my mind. Giving notice at your local parish
      is one thing, but what about the home office in St. Louis? Since I was
      brought up in the LCMS and have never been anything else, but...is there
      some sort of "formal" exit or separation that I have to do with St. Louis?
      Maybe this is a naive question, but I'm really clueless about it.



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      <mailto:LutheransLookingEast%40yahoogroups.com> , Todd Harman
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      > Kim
      > I would have to agree with the "cold turkey" line of thought. Recognizing
      that you may be involved in something that might "require" you to stay
      involved for a little while - until someone else takes over, is trained etc.
      > I stayed involved in certain posts - and since my heart was not even close
      to being "in it" - I'm sure my performance was not quite up to the "Glory of
      God" standard expressed by St. Paul.
      > However - you should certainly explain why you are leaving to those who
      ask and leave in the spirit of love. Randall said it best - God places
      everyone in our lives for a reason, and nothing I've come across in
      Orthodoxy prevents Lutheran-Orthodox friendships.
      > I'll certainly pray for you - but again I think you should simply leave,
      especially if your path is taking you toward the Orthodox Church.
      > Shalom
      > Todd
      > --- On Sat, 8/15/09, Kimberly Sparling <belleartmom@...> wrote:
      > From: Kimberly Sparling <belleartmom@...>
      > Subject: [LutheransLookingEast] Question for former Lutherans
      > To: LutheransLookingEast@yahoogroups.com
      > Date: Saturday, August 15, 2009, 10:29 AM
      > I have been wondering for a few weeks now how to go about actually
      > the Lutheran church where I have been an active member for the past 5
      > I have been attending an Orthodox church with my family for the past
      > and would like to continue doing that. My dh and I did not attend the
      > Lutheran church together, at the time he still had a paid position in the
      > music "ministry" at the Methodist church we previously attended.
      > So I feel kind of weird still performing my duties in things like LWML (I
      > am a circle leader), picking up and delivering bread for our food pantry,
      > etc. I am also council secretary and my term ends this year, so obviously
      > was going to decline if they ask me to continue that responsibility.
      > Do I quit "cold turkey" and resign from everything? I have never done this
      > before.
      > Kim S.
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