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1329Re: [LutheransLookingEast] Question for former Lutherans

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  • Rosemarie Lieffring
    Aug 15, 2009
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      I wanted to comment on this since I actually took the opposite advice than
      what is being given.

      I, too, was highly active in my Lutheran congregation. I was an LWML
      officer, a co-leader of the prayer group, bible study leader and I
      maintained a very active church website--updates several times per week. I
      decided to fulfill my commitments to the end of their terms...it was a big
      mistake for many reasons. I was unable to be charitable about Lutheranism.
      I no longer belonged there and it was messy because I hadn't left. I did
      meet regularly with my pastor...to discuss Orthodoxy so he had an idea of
      what was eating at me.

      I even maintained the website until my Chrismation (almost a year after I
      had left the congregation) because no one stepped up to take on the role.
      Of course, in the final few months I wasn't doing the best job any longer as
      my heart was not in it.

      In light of having done things the other way and witnessed the negative
      impact it had on my behavior, I, too, think cold turkey would be the best
      way to go if you can possibly do it.

      One thing I will say...my Lutherans friends were not particularly put out by
      my becoming Orthodox. Rather, they were disappointed but expressed support
      that I found what I was looking for. I still meet them for coffee and other
      things every now and then. My friends were just "regular" Lutherans, not
      confessionals. You may also experience something similar if your friends
      are not too hard core.

      I think the person who was hurt the most was my pastor as he blamed himself
      for being unable to convince me that Lutheranism was the truth--in his words
      "for not being the kind of spiritual father I needed". But to his credit he
      left the decision up to me and actually helped my husband give me the space
      and freedom to do what I came to understand that I needed to do.

      May God grant you the wisdom to know the best way to go about this and the
      courage to do it.-----R

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