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1291Re: [LutheransLookingEast] Vespers service

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  • DonPedroGordo
    Jul 26, 2009
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      Hei!  Tschüß!  ¡Hola!  Oi!  Ciao!  Hi! 
          Attendance at Vespers in a simple local Orthodox Church is how it started for me, too.  May it bring joy to your heart! May your inner self (nous?!) find that it has come home.  
          I remember a time when all our Lutheran ladies in my original mid-western farm community made sure to cover their heads at prayer in harmony with the apostolic advice.  My mother would not have thought of doing otherwise. I encouraged this custom when I was a pastor in a congregation of the Missouri Synod. Our society in general has gotten away from this. 
          At the mixed Greek immigrant and American convert parish to which my wife belongs in the Buffalo/Niagara Falls area, it remains the custom for women and children to cover their heads at communal prayer. My wife of Slavic descent knows no other custom.
          By the same custom men uncover their heads at prayer. Even the presbyters and hierarchs remove their various hats when they in specific are to recite a prayer.   Devout RC, Episcopal / Anglo-catholic bishops observe the same custom at liturgy.  I observe the same custom in reading my prayers alone.  Memory suggests recall that monks in western churches even push off their monastic hoods at specific points of the services (for example, at the Glory be to the Father...).
          No doubt some would explain away the basis for the custom as out dated and sexist, For me, it remains a pious custom with foundation in Apostolic usage and Apostolic understanding of the nature of reality.   May your heart be moved!
          Gentle regards, Reader Peter Brandt-Sorheim
      PS In those Orthodox Churches where there are no pews, moms often bring a blanket or old coat so that little children can sit or nap on the floor next to moms or dads.


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      Subject: [LutheransLookingEast] Vespers service
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      Date: Sunday, July 26, 2009, 9:04 AM


      Good morning all,
      I attended a Vespers service with my family last night at St. Basil the
      Great Antiochan Orthodox Church in Kansas City, KS. It was beautiful,
      peaceful, and so nice to spend an hour hearing Scripture! To tell the truth
      I was really worried about how my children would do, but they were fine.
      Guess the 90 minute services at our Lutheran church prepared them well. The
      coolest thing was that my 9yo son, who has some self control issues, *loved*
      it. My husband told me that after the service Shea told him that the
      "incense was awesome and the music was amazing".
      We got a chance to talk to Father Elias after the service and his wife took
      us on a tour. It is a brand new church they built in the past year. I was
      also pleased to find out that they have lots of families with children,
      something missing at our current church.
      I do have one question that I couldn't answer for my daughters. All of the
      women wore head coverings (long scarves wrapped around their heads), and I
      had not read anywhere
      about this. Can someone explain to me about the head covering? Do the
      girls and women both wear them, or just adult women?
      We will be going back next week for the Sunday Divine Liturgy.
      Kim S.

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