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1095Re: [LutheransLookingEast] Beginning Catechumen Classes

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  • randall hay
    Jun 3 6:33 PM
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      That's wonderful! I truly believe you'll find, as I did, torrents of grace quite unexpectedly.

      ---However, you will also find snares from the devil as he attempts to disillusion you. In my experience 100% of those who put their heart into it run into such a snare at some point.

      I've found it pays to bear in mind at all times that the church is a hospital; it is made up of sinners, not all of whom will take their medicine.

      In my secular job I work in health care, and this is true in that context with alarming frequency. People ignore their med regimen, defy fall precautions, don't go to the ER when they need to, smoke like chimneys, live on fatty foods with no nutritional value, putting themselves at high risk for heart attack/stroke as well as any number of other ailments.

      Thus the true church, as we see in the NT, is far from perfect. If you stop and look at Scripture you realize the apostolic church was plagued by every imaginable sin: gross sexual immorality, people posing as hierarchs; Judaizing, angel-worship, pride, drunkenness, disorderly worship, laziness, gluttony, rejecting an apostle; plotting against an apostle; lawsuits, judgmentalism, despising the poor, women grabbing for authority, people quitting their jobs to wait for the Second Coming; poor tithing, lukewarmness, rejecting Scripture, and....well, the list goes on and on.

      The reason I say this is that sometimes people feel that because they've found the true church it will be completely free from problems....and then become disillusioned when Satan reveals some significant sin.

      Anyhow, as I say, I'm sure you will be blessed beyond anything you can imagine. You will be in my prayers.

      In Christ,

      Subdeacon Randy

      From: Dave W. <dkwiech@...>
      To: LutheransLookingEast@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, June 2, 2009 10:33:28 PM
      Subject: [LutheransLookingEast] Beginning Catechumen Classes

      I tried posting this once, but it didn't work, so I apologize in advance if it posts twice.

      Just wanted to let you know that I'm beginning catechumen classes this week at the Antiochian parish I have been attending for many months now. I wanted to thank you all for the patience towards me with my questions and ask for your prayers that the Holy Spirit will continue to guide and mold me.



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