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1072Re: [LutheransLookingEast] For anybody contemplating monasticism

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  • Christopher Orr
    May 11, 2009
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      There is a similar retreat weekend being planned at ROCOR's Holy Trinity
      Monastery in Jordanville, NY:

      We invite you, young Orthodox men and women, to spend Memorial Day weekend
      > (May 23�25) in Jordanville, NY, experiencing the life of Holy Trinity
      > Monastery <http://www.jordanville.org/>. With the blessing of
      > Archimandrite Luke, this retreat is being organized for college and
      > post-college youth (no younger than 18) who would like to spend a weekend
      > with other like-minded Orthodox young people in a spiritually beneficial
      > environment. Along with joining in the Divine Services, participants will
      > have an opportunity to learn about the history and traditions of Holy
      > Trinity Monastery and Seminary <http://www.hts.edu/> from a tour of the
      > grounds by Archimandrite Luke, Abbot of the monastery, and a lecture by
      > Protodeacon Victor Lochmatow, long-time assistant to the late Metropolitan
      > Laurus. In keeping with the significance of Memorial Day, a pannikhida will
      > be served for Metropolitan Laurus, whose first anniversary of repose has
      > recently passed. Youth will also help the monastery by taking part in a
      > group project: tending of the cemetery grounds and cleaning the cemetery
      > church. We hope that those who attend the retreat will generate new
      > friendships, strengthen old ones, and engage in lively discussions and
      > conversations during social activities such as a barbeque on Lake Otsego and
      > a bonfire at one of the monastery lakes.
      > Please note that participants are responsible for their own lodging. Visit
      > the accommodations page<http://retreat.jordanville.org/accomodations.html>for recommendations and additional information. While there is no
      > registration fee, we strongly recommend that participants make a $35
      > donation to the monastery to cover the cost of food. If you plan to attend,
      > please let us know by submitting a short form on the RSVP page<http://retreat.jordanville.org/rsvp.html>.
      > Make sure to bring appropriate clothing for work at the cemetery clean-up.
      > We sincerely hope that you will come to the first Memorial Day Youth
      > Retreat and celebrate the end of the Paschal period with other Orthodox
      > youth at Holy Trinity Monastery!
      > http://retreat.jordanville.org/
      > The new Abbot and Acting Superior of St. Tikhon's Monastery, South Canaan,
      PA (Metropolitan Jonah [Paffhausen] and Hieromonk Sergius [Bowyer],
      respectively) are also actively working towards the expansion of monasticism
      in the first Orthodox monastery in the Western Hemisphere. I have also
      heard the Metropolitan is looking to establish a 'Valaam-style' monastery in
      the DC area.

      Other monasteries to consider visiting in the NY area:

      - Mercy House / St. Mary of Egypt Monastery (MP) - the fathers are based
      in Manhattan, but have recently acquired property in the Catskills for a
      monastery that is not in the midst of a major urban center. All services in
      - St. Nektarios Monastery (GOA) - the men's monastery in the NYC region
      founded by Elder Ephraim of Mt. Athos. All services in Greek. Wonderful
      property in the Catskills.


      On Sun, May 10, 2009 at 9:02 PM, Dave @��@�� <dnaess@...> wrote:

      > Howdy!
      > New Skete in Cambridge, NY is having a "Vocation Week" June 1 - 7.
      > See the New Skete site:
      > http://www.newskete.com/
      > for more information.
      > I have contacted them and will be talking to Br. Christopher
      > this week. I am anticipating a week of learning that will
      > answer a lot more questions than my past weekend jaunts to
      > a monostary with "a bunch of Orthodox folks out for a jolly
      > holiday" ever did.
      > Dave

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