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1060question 2: patrick barne's "the Non-Orthodox"

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  • nrinne
    May 7, 2009
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      From the first assumptions I discussed (see question 1), here are what I see as beliefs proceding from those assumptions:

      L1: Those who are baptized into Christ (see above), know Him by faith, and endure in this faith, are now or at least will be a part of the true Church, despite "felicitous inconsistencies".
      EO1: It is possible that those heterodox who obviously love Christ may attain salvation by their practice of Christianity. The question of their eternal destiny should be left open as the God of Love may place them in His Heavenly Kingdom (but see p. 55: "God will have mercy on them" – I think we need to have a clear answer about God's mercy regarding those "Christians" [or even pagans?] who don't have a chance to realize the truth of EO: "may" or "will"?)

      Again, I want to make sure I am understanding EO teaching clearly (see my last paragraph of the "question 1" posting).

      Thank you,
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